Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 23

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&#lt;p&#gt; Got Married Three Minutes Ago
&#lt;p&#gt;Genevieve snapped back to her senses as soon as she noticed something on the marriage certificate.
She turned to Armand and said, “Mr. Faulkner, y-you’re older than me…”
“Yes. By nine years,” Armand added with a cold expression.
Genevieve stared at the age on the marriage certificate as she recalled the incident on the night half a
month ago in the hotel.
What a shameless man he is! He’s a grown man. Even if he was tricked that night, he wasn’t drunk. He
could have just pushed me away.
Seeing that Genevieve seemed a little upset, Armand asked with raised brows, “What? You got
something to say?”
“No. I’m just a little surprised,” Genevieve replied as she dismissed the complaint she had in her mind.
She figured that their age difference did not matter anyway since they were not a real couple.
The two then walked out of the City Hall side by side.
Suddenly, a thought struck Genevieve, and she pursed her lips. “Mr. Faulkner, I—”
However, Armand leaned in before she could get her words out. With his breath on her skin, he said,
“I’m sorry, I might have to kiss you.”
Before Genevieve could realize what was happening, Armand held her chin, forced her head up, and
planted a warm kiss on her lips.
Genevieve froze.
The kiss was not just a light peck on the lips. Armand pried open her teeth and deepened the kiss. His
masculine scent filled her entire oral cavity, and her legs became jelly.
The kiss went on for a whole minute before it ended. Armand kept his hand on Genevieve’s tiny waist
to keep her from falling.
Genevieve’s eyes were red as she tried to catch her breath while leaning against him. &#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Right then, a middle-aged man with a slick hairstyle, who seemed like a butler, approached them and
greeted Armand with a smile, “Mr. Armand.”
Armand nodded. “Why are you here, Frankie?”
“I came to the City Hall to collect something,” Frankie replied and noticed the woman in Armand’s arms.
“This is?”
Armand pulled Genevieve closer. His expression softened as he said, “This is my wife, Genevieve
Rachford. We got married three minutes ago.”
Frankie chuckled. “Congratulation, Mr. Armand. Old Mrs. Faulkner will be thrilled when she finds out.”
“We just got married. She might need some time to get used to it. I’ll bring her to see Grandma when
she’s ready,” Armand said.
“All right, then. I shouldn’t bother you two anymore,” Frankie said and left.
Even though Genevieve’s legs felt a little weak, her mind was clear. After listening to the entire
conversation, she guessed that Armand must have kissed her to show Frankie.
Then again, considering his age, she could understand how anxious his grandmother must be for him
to get married and have kids.
At the same time, she realized that Armand did not lie to her.
“Are you okay?” Armand asked as he lowered his head to look at her.
&#lt;p&#gt;“I-I’m fine,” Genevieve replied as she tried to get out of his arms. However, her legs were still weak,
and she almost fell down the stairs.
Armand caught her in the nick of time and pulled her into his arms. In the end, he picked her up and
walked to their car. “How can your legs give way just because of a kiss? Was your marriage with
Cooper just a show?”
Genevieve knew he was mocking her. She refuted, “Yeah. I’m not as experienced as you, Mr.
In reality, she had let go of her reservations and tried many times when she was with Cooper. However,
Cooper would always use work as an excuse to reject her. Even when they did kiss, it was always just&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;a peck on the lips.
She only found out later that Cooper had only stayed with the Rachford family for revenge and felt
disgusted to touch her.
Armand’s face turned grim. He glared at her, and she lowered her head without uttering a single word.
On the road, a Bentley sped by.
Cooper, who was in the back seat, ordered the driver to slow down when he noticed the figure by the
When the car slowed down, Cooper turned his gaze to the side of the road and saw Armand carrying a
woman down the stairs and that the woman was wrapping her arms around his neck obediently with
flushed cheeks.
Cooper’s face clouded over when he learned that it was the City Hall up the stairs.
He had had someone follow Genevieve, and they had found out that she had got into Armand’s car
after she left the dinner banquet. Now, he even saw them at the City Hall!
He realized then that Genevieve might not just be Armand’s date.
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