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Chapter 25

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Armand lifted his eyes to look at Genevieve, and his thin lips curved upward slightly. “To know how to
record such interesting footage with your phone this time – looks like you’re pretty smart. I’ve relayed
the order that the video shall remain on every major media platform for a week. No matter how much
money Cooper spends, he won’t be able to get rid of it.”
“Mando, so you were the one helping?” said Genevieve, surprised. “I was wondering why that video
from the banquet disappeared so quickly, and today’s video spread so quickly on the internet…”
She had initially thought that Specter Corporation’s Public Relations Department was not taking
enough effective measures. Lo and behold, it was actually Armand taking action.
As if not thinking much of it, Armand merely let out a hum of acknowledgment and said, “Consider it as
my wedding gift to you. Well then, Mrs. Faulkner. I’ll leave it to you to deal with the rest.”
Hearing him call her “Mrs. Faulkner” made Genevieve’s heart skip a few beats. She nodded and
answered, “All right.”
Since the opportunity presented itself at her door, it was needless to say that she would take hold of it.
The next morning, Steven sent Armand to the office while Genevieve went to Maria’s to inform her
about her marriage.
Maria’s expression instantly changed when she received Genevieve’s news. “Ms. Rachford, I heard
that Mr. Faulkner brings death to the women he marries. His previous two wives died because of him,
so why did you marry him? I still have some money; it’s enough for the both of us for a long time. You
don’t have to put yourself through such pain.”
“What exists between us is a transaction. If I marry him, he’ll help me take back the company,”
explained Genevieve in a calm tone. “As long as I can have my revenge, I’m willing to sacrifice my life.”
“If your mother knew about this, she’d definitely hope that you do no such thing,” said Maria with a sigh.
After all, Genevieve was the only person left in the Rachford family.
Genevieve’s eyes grew dim, but she soon smiled and comforted Maria, “It’s all right, Maria. Who
knows? Perhaps my luck would be very good. The curse might end when it’s my turn to be his wife.” &#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Maria sighed again. “I hope so…” Seeing that Genevieve had already made up her mind, she did not
say anything further.
Once they returned to Swallow Garden, Genevieve led Maria into the house while carrying some items.
Seated in the living room was a short-haired teenager, who was playing games on his laptop while
eating some fruit.
As soon the young man saw Genevieve, he threw the pear in his hand away and stood up. “Hello, Mrs.
Faulkner. I’m Patrick Sullivan. Steven is my older brother.”
“Your brother has already informed me before he left this morning.” Genevieve nodded and sized
Patrick up. “I’m just a little curious; you seem to be the same age as me, and you don’t look like
Patrick chuckled and replied, “Of course, we don’t look alike. Steven picked me up from the trash.”
“I’m so sorry…”
The young man waved his hand dismissively, totally unfazed. “It’s fine. It’s not like it’s something
embarrassing! Back when Armand wasn’t around, it was just me and my brother living here. I’m
sometimes straightforward as I’m used to it, but I’ll make sure to be mindful next time.”
Seeing as he was so bubbly and easy to talk to, Genevieve smiled in response. “It’s fine. Make yourself
at home.”
After all, Swallow Garden belonged to Armand, not her.
Genevieve knew that Leroy was not Cooper’s flesh and blood, but she lacked the means to get close to
Cooper to get their hair for a DNA test. The only way she could make a move was through Erica.
Patrick was very efficient. Within half an hour, he cracked Erica’s phone.
Even though she had been very careful and had deleted some of her chat histories, Patrick could easily
restore them.
“So, the child’s biological father is him…”
&#lt;p&#gt;Upon seeing the thousand-odd intimate messages that went on between Erica and Leroy’s biological
father, as well as some information that they revealed in their correspondence, Genevieve felt that&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Cooper was being seriously cheated on.
In fact, she felt rather sorry for her ex-husband.
Noticing Genevieve’s tone of speech, Patrick asked out of curiosity, “Who is this man? Do you know
him, Mrs. Faulkner?”
The woman smirked. “Not only do I know him, but I know him very well!”
Half a month ago, Cooper had utterly tarnished her reputation with the ploy he crafted. It was an
unforgettable event for her.
This time, she was going to return him the favor with an unforgettable surprise as well.
Due to what Patrick managed to find out, Genevieve was in an extremely good mood. She even
followed Maria into the kitchen and asked the latter to teach her how to cook mushroom soup.
Armand did not seem to be busy and coincidentally came over at night.
During dinner, Genevieve served a bowl of mushroom soup diligently to him. She grinned widely while
saying, “I prepared this soup. Give it a taste.”
Armand’s gaze raked over her beautiful, slender fingers, causing the man to pause before taking the
bowl of soup.
He took a sip and, within less than a second, spat the soup into a tiny bowl. Then, he took a napkin and
wiped his mouth. Armand even sneered coldly as he said, “You might as well just feed m arsenic.”
Genevieve was rendered speechless.
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