Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 44

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&#lt;p&#gt; Do Not Embarrass Yourself
Since it was the hiring season for Central Group, and it was a well-established big company, everyone
who was invited for the interview were there.
As Genevieve reached the floor for the interview, she noticed that the corridor was full of people.
Seeing such a lively scene, Genevieve gasped internally. She then registered herself at the counter
and took a number. Just when she was about to sit down and wait, she bumped into someone.
It was the other party’s fault for bumping into Genevieve, and their phone dropped. Out of kindness,
Genevieve helped pick up the phone.
“Thanks…” The woman thanked her after taking the phone. Just when she took a good look at
Genevieve’s face, her expression changed drastically. “Genevieve?”
The young woman looked familiar to Genevieve, but the latter couldn’t recall anything at the time. She
merely nodded lightly and was about to walk past her.
However, the woman, Queenie, stopped her by stretching out her leg. “That’s funny. Someone useless
like you can’t even do well in your own family’s company, and you have the audacity to come for an
interview in Central Group?” she sneered.
Queenie’s voice was loud, attracting the attention of everyone around them.
Upon seeing Genevieve standing in front of Queenie, those who had watched the previous news began
gossiping and judging Genevieve.
“Genevieve has blatantly cheated on her husband. Her morals are corrupt! How dare she come to
Central Group for an interview?”
“You’re right.”
“Genevieve, I think you should leave. Central Group doesn’t just recruit anyone. Certainly not someone
like you,” said Queenie ruthlessly.
After hearing all the blabbering from Queenie, Genevieve finally remembered who she was.
When she bumped into Erica while shopping for clothes the other day, there were two women with
Erica – one of them was Queenie. &#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Genevieve cast a glance at the document in Queenie’s hand and smirked. “What a coincidence! I have
no idea that you’re also interviewing for translation department.”
“Hmph. You and I are not on the same level!” Queenie raised her chin proudly.
Queenie came from an average family background. If it weren’t for the downfall of the Rachford family,
Queenie might even try to butter Genevieve up when she saw her.
However, Genevieve was currently just a pathetic dog.
Queenie scoffed and continued mocking, “Central Group’s translation department consists of graduates
from prestigious universities around the world! Don’t come here and embarrass yourself!”
Suddenly, Genevieve gave said something, but Queenie couldn’t understand her words.
Thus, she frowned. “What did you say?”
“It’s Beranese. You don’t understand, do you? Why are you here for an interview if you don’t know
much about foreign languages?” Genevieve sneered as she grinned.
Instantly, Queenie knew Genevieve was humiliating her. “Beranese is a minor language. It’s normal
that I don’t understand it!”
“East Epea’s official language is Beranese, which is spoken by up to thirty million people. I believe you
are the one who shouldn’t come here to embarrass yourself,” Genevieve stated.
She gave Queenie a taste of her own medicine.
Upon hearing the snickering from some of the onlookers, Queenie was so infuriated that her face
almost contorted.
“Number twenty-eight, Genevieve, number thirty-three, Queenie, and number forty-eight…” Right then,
the registrar called out some names and continued, “All eight of you, please proceed to the eighth
interview hall.”
When her name was called, Queenie gave Genevieve a glare and hurried to the eighth interview hall.
&#lt;p&#gt;Meanwhile, Genevieve trailed behind her.
After entering the interview hall, Genevieve saw a row of chairs at the door. Besides, six solemn-faced
interviewers sat behind a table near the floor-to-ceiling window. &#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;When all of the interviewees took their seats, the interviewers began to ask questions one by one.
Even though it was Genevieve’s first time attending an interview, Steven, who was not only Armand’s
driver but also his secretary, had given her some pointers regarding the interview’s process and
Sitting in the interview hall, Genevieve had answered all of the questions fluently and correctly. She
soon moved on to the written test.
After a short while, she stood up and handed in her paper to the interviewer.
Even the experienced interviewer was shocked when he saw how fast Genevieve had completed the
test. He checked the time on his watch and asked, “You’re done? It’s barely past ten minutes. Are you
sure you don’t want to double-check?”
“There’s no need for that.”
If she had taken more time than that to answer such simple questions, she would be embarrassing her
previous teachers.
After she handed in the test, she quickly left the interview hall.
Seeing that she finished it in such a short time, the other interviewees began gossiping. They thought
that the test was too hard for Genevieve, so she gave up on it.
Queenie, who was racking her brains for the test, also did not believe that Genevieve would complete it
in such a short time. She also thought that Genevieve had backed out.
Upon observing the grim expression on the interviewer’s face when he read Genevieve’s paper,
Queenie was even more confident about her assumption.
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