Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 51

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&#lt;p&#gt; Something Has Changed
After realizing she had been toyed by Genevieve, Queenie almost wanted to tear her into pieces.
Suddenly, she noticed a surveillance camera hanging on the top of the wall in a conference room
beside her. An idea sprung into mind, and she smirked coldly.
As for Genevieve, she had no time to bother about Queenie’s antics, as she was fatigued after taking a
whole day of tests at Central Group.
Remembering that she needed to go to the hospital to have her blood drawn, she sent a message to
Steven when she went downstairs.
He quickly texted back: Mr. Faulkner has business in Xedells, so I need to send him to the airport. I’ll
be back in around an hour.
Genevieve messaged: No problem. I will go to the hospital first.
After replying to Steven’s message, Genevieve reached the ground floor on the lift and walked out of
the building through the rotating doors. She stood by the roadside to flag down a taxi, but seeing there
were little taxis on the road, she took out her phone and hired a private car online.
As cars rushed by her, a black Bentley suddenly drove by. It had only driven past her by a few meters
when it decelerated and reversed.
The backseat car window facing Genevieve rolled down, revealing an angular face.
The man wore silver-rimmed, narrow-framed glasses, making him seem elegant.
As he looked at Genevieve outside the windows, a sliver of emotion crossed his face. “Why are you
The man, Cooper, then looked past Genevieve and gazed at the skyscraper behind her that everyone
in Jadeborough knew of — Central Group.
Genevieve also stared at the face in the car that she had once looked at for more than twenty years.
Now, she felt nothing but hate for him.
“Mr. Faulkner, what does that have to do with you?” Tucking away the tendrils of hair blowing on her
face, Genevieve grinned. “If you have time, you should drink more healthy smoothies. It will be regretful&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;if you die before I can seek revenge from you.”
As she had led a luxurious life since young, and everyone around her doted on her, she developed a
flamboyant and bold personality.
Regardless of her family background, based on her gorgeous looks alone, she was already far more
superior to the other socialites. Thus, no one could win a verbal sparring match with her.
Her obedient and gentle behavior before Armand was all an act.
Upon hearing Genevieve’s words, Cooper only furrowed his brows. Genevieve wore a suit, and the top
of her white shirt inside was unbuttoned, revealing her beautiful collarbones. The shirt was tucked into
her pants, highlighting her tiny waist.
It was just a usual women’s suit, yet not only did she not appear dour, but she seemed more charming
and vivacious.
Cooper knew Central Group was hiring these few days, so realization dawned upon him when he saw
Genevieve’s attire.
Upon remembering her red-rimmed eyes from that day in the hotel, Cooper’s heart skipped a beat.
“You have been pampered since young and have no working experience. It’s too stressful working at
Central Group, so it doesn’t suit you.”
The moment he said those words, he was startled.
Due to Genevieve, Specter Corporation’s stocks had plummeted, and he was embroiled in a scandal,
leading to his sorry state. However, his feelings changed for some reason upon meeting her.
Genevieve also froze for a moment, surprised he would say such words.
However, she quickly knitted her beautiful brows and replied frostily, “Although I was pampered since
young, it doesn’t mean I don’t know anything. I learned many things in Dartan. It is more than enough
to get me into Central Group.”
Pausing, she gazed at Cooper and continued, “I already got through the tough times when I lost my
family. Nothing else is pressurizing to me anymore.”
For some inexplicable reason, Cooper’s chest tightened upon meeting her sarcastic gaze. &#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Evidently, Genevieve did not want to continue talking to him. Coincidentally, her private hire also
arrived, so she quickly strode over to open the car door and bent down to get in.
Cooper’s sense of displeasure grew, and his face darkened as he watched the car speed off.
He could not tell whether what Genevieve said at the hotel and the look in her eyes was all an act for
the reporters. However, he felt something had changed after that night.
As he went to sleep that night, he remembered many things he had forgotten.
He realized Genevieve had never interacted much with other men since young. Cooper was all that
mattered to her, and her world revolved around him.
Once, he only caught a small cold, yet Genevieve was so afraid that she cried.
She would always obey whatever he told her not to do and never made him angry.
“I’ll go wherever you go! I will become your wife!”
“After we get married, I will give birth to many, many kids, and they can form a football team. Then,
we’ll watch them play football every day!”
“Coop, quickly come and marry me!”
Lost in his thoughts, Cooper recalled the time Genevieve cried for him to return her parents and her
hateful gaze. Immediately, he felt as if someone was squeezing his heart.
It was so painful that he gasped for breath and pressed his hand against his chest.
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