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Chapter 55

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&#lt;p&#gt; Will Not Change
“Great. You’ve successfully pissed me off now.” While walking, Genevieve kicked Patrick’s leg and
responded, “I’ll back out of the deal of buying you supper for a month!”
Afraid of losing his one-month supply of free supper, Patrick quickly inched closer to appease her. “No,
No. Don’t back out, please. I know I was wrong. Please forgive me, beautiful Genev! This filthy mouth
of mine is to be blamed. I’ll slap myself on the face as punishment!”
When she gave no response, he whined, “Genev, have you found someone new? Is that why you don’t
love me anymore?”
Genevieve was at a loss for words.
Her lips twitched as she watched his antics and pretentious act, which contradicted his tall stature. “If
you keep this up, I will call your brother!”
Patrick immediately stopped what he was doing and took out cash from his pocket. “Genev, what kind
of candies do you want to eat? I’ll buy them for you!”
Again, words failed her.
Meanwhile, Marilyn stood still after walking out of the elevator. The whole time, she watched Genevieve
and Patrick banter their way to the vending machine with her lips pinched tightly together.
She asked her housekeeper, “Is that Steven’s younger brother?”
“Yes.” Patrick had been to the Faulkner residence a few times, so the housekeeper remembered what
he looked like. “I heard that he graduated from the Military Academy of National Defense. Not only
does he fight better than his brother, but he’s also a hacker. He’s also the one who spread the scandals
of the second son of the Faulkner family, allowing Mr. Armand to take the latter down easily.”
As she spoke, she glanced at Patrick again. “Patrick was handling Mr. Armand’s affairs in Epea
previously. I didn’t know he had already returned.”
“He must have returned for a long time,” Marilyn replied with her lips tightly pursed. “Mando didn’t
bother to introduce his subordinate to me, yet he assigned him to Genevieve and even married her for

&#lt;p&#gt;Holding her housekeeper’s arms tightly, she asked, “Does Mando not care about me anymore?” Her
face had turned as white as a sheet.
The housekeeper consoled her, “Don’t overthink it. Mr. Armand only has you in his heart. Patrick has
always been in Epea and rarely stays by Mr. Armand’s side. It’s normal that you’ve never seen him
before. As for Mr. Armand’s marriage to Genevieve, it’s just to get Old Mrs. Faulkner off his back. You
know how she’s been pressuring him. I heard Old Mrs. Faulkner found out Mr. Armand faked his
previous marriages, and Frankie even went to City Hall to oversee the whole marriage registration
process. Under the circumstances, I guess Mr. Armand had no choice but to marry Genevieve.”
Worried that they would arouse Patrick’s suspicions by standing at the same spot for too long, she
escorted Marilyn outside.
“Old Mrs. Faulkner has been keeping a close eye on you recently,” the housekeeper said in a hushed
voice. “You should stay home and have a good rest. Don’t bother about the other things. Even if
Genevieve is together with Mr. Armand, it definitely won’t change how he feels about you.”
Her analysis put Marilyn’s mind at rest.
Nonetheless, she felt utterly uncomfortable over the fact that her beloved man married another woman.
“Make a phone call to Mando later. I would like him to accompany me for dinner,” Marilyn said.
“I’m afraid that won’t do…” The housekeeper paused for a moment and continued in a low voice, “I
received the news half an hour ago that Mr. Armand has returned to Xedells.”
Marilyn immediately recalled what date it was on that day. With that, her gaze darkened. “Contact the
airport now. I want to go to Xedells too.”
“It’s not suitable for you to travel around during your pregnancy,” the housekeeper persuaded gently.
“Furthermore, Old Mrs. Faulkner will be angry if she knows about it.”
Old Mrs. Faulkner…
&#lt;p&#gt;Marilyn’s eyes turned cold when she thought of the old woman, who had benevolent facial features and
was yet imperious.
Instead of replying to her housekeeper, she pursed her lips and caressed her baby bump. Not only was&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;she resentful, but she also regretted the decision she had made back then.
In the meantime, the dinner that Patrick brought for Genevieve was both scrumptious and nutritious.
After she had two packs of gummies and a nourishing meal, her pale face became ruddy, and she did
not seem as frail.
The two of them then passed the time by playing games together. Unfortunately, they teamed up with
an incompetent teammate, who hurled insults at Patrick, calling him an idiot.
Genevieve did not hold back, quarreling with that person. Although she won the argument, she lost the
mood to play games. Thus, she tossed her phone aside and turned on the television.
Patrick looked at her in shock. “Genev, I just realized that you’re so good at scolding people.”
Genevieve was not exactly a cool and elegant type of beauty. On the contrary, she looked rather
alluring with a hint of innocence. In short, people would be enthralled by her at first glance.
Usually, she was polite and even a little gentle when she spoke with them. Therefore, it was beyond his
expectations that she could be so sharp-tongued.
“We are in the same team. It’s an insult to my intelligence as well when he called you an idiot!”
Genevieve responded. As she opened a pack of gummies, she grumbled under her breath, “How can I
possibly stand that!”
She still had not gotten over the fact that Armand insulted her intelligence last time.
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