Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 61

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&#lt;p&#gt; I Will Fulfill Your Death Wish
Jenny was silent for a moment before she said, “We need to investigate this matter to see if you
actually sought help from your uncle.”
Jenny stopped talking to Queenie and turned to the crowd and said, “Those who have successfully
joined the company should report to the HR department at eight-thirty in the morning on Monday.
Those who failed, don’t give up. The translation department of Central Group will hire people every
quarter, so work hard next time. All right, you’re dismissed.”
Jenny had other matters to attend to, so she hurriedly took the documents and left.
“Ms. Griffin…” Queenie tried to chase after Jenny. Suddenly, Patrick stretched out his long legs and
stood before Queenie.
“Queenie, didn’t you forget something?” Patrick asked lazily.
Jenny had entered the elevator and left, and Patrick was blocking Queenie’s way. Queenie’s
expression turned sour as she glared at Patrick. “What have I forgotten?”
“The bet!” Patrick reminded. “Last night in the restaurant, you made a bet with Genev that if she came
in first place in the examinations, you would go to the restaurant opposite the company and dance…”
Before Queenie could speak, Patrick grabbed the bikini from her hands and said, “Not bad, Ms. Lane.
You knew you would lose the bet so you came prepared, right?”
Everyone was about to leave after the results were announced. Hearing Patrick’s words, they gathered
around again to watch the drama.
Noticing the people around, Queenie gritted her teeth and put the blame on Genevieve. “Genevieve,
you’re extremely skilled, yet you put on an act to trick me. This bet cannot be valid!”
“Have I ever said that I’m not skilled?” Genevieve retorted. “You were the one who thought that I’m not
capable. Besides, there were so many skillful people who took the exam yesterday. I really did not
expect to come in the first place. You brought this upon yourself.”
Genevieve’s argument was so reasonable that it left Queenie speechless.
“Hurry up and wear it, Queenie. Go and dance!” Patrick shouted from the side as he sought justice for&#lt;/p&#gt;

“Bikini! Bikini!”
Queenie’s expression turned dark when she noticed that the people around her were shouting
alongside Patrick.
There’s no way I would wear that and dance in front of the restaurant!
Clenching her fist, Queenie walked toward Genevieve and smiled reluctantly. “Genevieve, we’re going
to be colleagues who work in the same office in the future. How about we forget about the dance? I
know you want to look for Erica. I can help you…”
“That’s a completely different matter.” Genevieve smiled, but it was a cold smile that did not reach her
eyes. “Queenie, since you had the courage to bet with me, you should have the courage to admit
defeat too.”
Queenie’s expression turned more sullen when she saw how Genevieve was not willing to let things
slide. The former wanted to run away when no one was paying attention.
However, as soon as she moved, Patrick saw right through her. He reached out and grabbed her. “Are
you going to dance? Come on, I’ll go with you!”
“Let me go! I’ll walk there on my own!” Queenie yelled angrily.
“I was only afraid that you might fall and injure yourself.”
After forcibly dragging Queenie downstairs, Patrick shouted as he walked through the lobby, “What did
you say? You think everyone’s too bored with their work, so you want to dance for them? You even
want to wear a bikini and do it at the entrance of the restaurant opposite the company?”
&#lt;p&#gt;Patrick’s words sparked the curiosity of those around him. Even the employees at the front desk
gathered at the door to join the fun.
Genevieve gave tacit permission to Patrick’s behavior and joined the others as she gathered among
the crowd.
Queenie had provoked Genevieve during the interview the night before. However, the latter let it slide
since they were all going to be colleagues in the future. &#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;However, it did not occur to her that Queenie would try to mess with her at the restaurant.
Since she’s asking for death, I’ll gladly fulfill her death wish!
After Patrick dragged Queenie across the road, he left her at the restaurant entrance and tossed the
bikini on her.
“Change into this yourself. Don’t make me do it for you.”
Patrick smiled, but his gaze was cold as he stared at Queenie. He was not joking about doing it for her.
Seeing this, Queenie trembled in fear.
She had seen Patrick’s resume the day before and found out that he was just an ordinary interviewee
with a normal background. However, Queenie noticed a sinister aura from him.
He’s so scary…
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