Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 71

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&#lt;p&#gt;“Old Mrs. Faulkner said she didn’t give you anything when you got married, so she forged one of the gifts
that Old Mr. Faulkner gave her in the past into these two rings,” explained Frankie. “I’ve heard that Old
Mrs. Faulkner treasures the gifts from Old Mr. Faulkner a lot and never shows them to outsiders,”
whispered Patrick, who happened to be next to Genevieve. He added, “It’s surprising that Old Mrs.
Faulkner would use a gift from Old Mr. Faulkner to forge a pair of rings for Armand. No other member of
the Faulkner family receives such treatment.” “Really?” Genevieve muttered and peered at the velvet box
in Armand’s hand. A pair of stunning silver rings were housed inside the velvet box. The man’s version of
the ring was simple and elegant, whereas the woman’s version had five equal-sized grooves with a line
of five premium pearls set into each of them. There were tiny claws on the edge of the grooves to hold
the pearls in place, and the sides of the grooves were carved with a fine, wavy design. Although
Genevieve had amassed a sizable jewelry collection in the past, which included pearls and rings with
gemstones, she now felt that those rings in her collection could not compare to the one in front of her at
the moment. What great taste Old Mrs. Faulkner has! Just as she was admiring the ring, Armand lifted
his head abruptly and looked at her, saying in a low voice, “Genev, come here.” She had never before
heard him addressing her in that way. It sounds too intimate. Glancing at Frankie, she quickly realized
what Armand was going to do. Hence, she walked over and consciously stretched out her right hand.
The next instant, Armand removed the woman’s version of the rings from the velvet box and placed it on
Genevieve’s finger. The ring fitted perfectly on her ring finger. Wriggling her fingers a little, Genevieve fell
into deep thought. This ring fits my finger perfectly. How does Old Mrs. Faulkner know my finger size?
“What are you thinking?” Armand gave Genevieve a cursory glance before taking out the men’s ring from
the velvet box and passing it to her. Stretching out his left hand, he enunciated, “Put it on for me.” “Okay.”
Taking a deep breath, she held Armand’s hand anxiously. His fingers were long and slender. Genevieve
nervously put the men’s ring on his ring finger. All of a sudden, she thought of the scene when she
married Cooper in the church and exchanged rings, causing her actions to pause suddenly. Frankie was
quietly looking on from the side. Puzzlement flashed across his eyes as he noticed Genevieve abruptly
stop moving. “Mrs. Faulkner?” He had visited City Hall to confirm that Armand and Genevieve were
legally married. Then why… In an instant, Armand’s gaze darkened. Suddenly, he wrapped his hands on&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;the back of Genevieve’s head and kissed her in front of everyone. It was a long and passionate kiss.
Even Frankie could not help but turn away in embarrassment. After a considerable amount of time,
Armand released Genevieve and shot her a piercing glance that seemed to be a warning. “Genevieve,
you are my wife from the moment you married me.” His voice was so low that only the two of them could
hear it, and it was also extremely frigid. “I won’t let you off the hook if you dare to think of another man in
front of me again.” The sensation of his cold breath on her cheeks sent a shiver down Genevieve’s
spine. He noticed that I was absorbed in my thoughts just now. “I’m not thinking of anyone. I just think
that I’m too stupid,” she hurriedly explained. “Besides, comparing you to Cooper is nothing but an insult
to you.” Cooper would still be fighting for survival if it were not for her father, who had brought Cooper
into the Rachford residence back then. Her heart was filled with disgust each time she thought about
Cooper. Hearing that, Armand extended his left hand toward her once more. His expression had
somewhat softened. “Put it on.” “Okay.” This time, Genevieve did not get distracted and slipped the ring
onto the man’s finger smoothly. As soon as she put her hand down, Armand grabbed her by the
shoulders and pulled her into his embrace while saying to Frankie, “She has no experience, so she was
a little nervous just now.” “Is that so?” Frankie was stunned for a moment and remarked unintentionally,
“The wedding of Mdm. Genevieve and Mr. Sutton back then was broadcast live nationwide—” “Indeed,
she’s been married previously, but she still lacks experience in other areas.” Armand’s voice was deep
and low, and his expression remained indifferent. As Frankie was an experienced man, he immediately
understood what Armand was trying to say. A smile suddenly spread across his face. “Old Mrs. Faulkner
invited you and Mrs. Faulkner to dinner at the Faulkner residence next Thursday.” Nodding slightly,
Armand responded, “All right. I’ll ask the secretarial department to include it in my schedule.” “I shall take
my leave now.” As he spoke, Frankie nodded to Armand and turned around to leave. Maria trailed after
him to see him off. “What did you mean just now?” Genevieve gave the man in front of her a perplexed
look. “What did you mean by—” I lack experience in other areas? Does he mean kissing?
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