Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 74

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&#lt;p&#gt;Employing his ruthless ways, Armand punished everyone who was involved but did not go after Samuel’s
mother. Steven lifted his head and cast a glance at Armand, who was looking glum. He went on, “I know
that you’ve been together with Ms. Marilyn for many years, and when both of you were about to get
engaged… I saw the document that the lawyer drafted for you, where half of the shares of Central Group
owned by you will be transferred to the child once Ms. Wood delivers the baby…” Lowering his voice,
Steven reminded, “But Mr. Faulkner, Ms. Wood got married to Mr. Samuel long ago. You’ve done enough
for Ms. Wood…” With a frosty expression, Armand interrupted, “Samuel is my brother after all. Besides, I
owe him my life.” While exuding a menacing aura, he lowered his gaze and stared at Steven as he
instructed, “Go and pick Timothy up.” “All right.” Not daring to say anything further, Steven bowed slightly
and headed toward the staircase. He then heaved a sigh of despair inwardly. Marilyn was the only
person in this world who was capable of manipulating Armand and had the audacity to shoot at him.
Armand was also willing to do anything for her unconditionally. He even got married just for her sake. It
might be because of the strong brandy or Armand’s excellent kissing skills that had Genevieve feeling as
though she was floating in the vast expense of outer space. Her mind was constantly in a muddle as a
result. The next day, when the sunshine woke her up by glaring at her through the window, she could
vividly feel the intense hangover she was having. Rubbing her head, Genevieve sat on the bed for quite
some time before she finally recalled that she had looked for Armand last night. She even pinned him
against the wall and teased him. Once Genevieve had recollected last night’s memories, her face flushed
scarlet, and she felt slightly embarrassed. Lowering her head, she realized that she was dressed in the
same vest and mini-skirt that she had worn last night. So nothing happened last night? For some reason,
a sense of defeat washed over Genevieve. Why would he leave after he was almost about to remove my
clothes completely? After washing up, Genevieve went downstairs for breakfast. Patrick was the only
one eating, and he informed Genevieve that Armand had some urgent matters to deal with, so he had
left the mansion with Steven in the wee hours of the morning. “Oh.” Pulling out a chair, Genevieve sat
down and poured herself a glass of orange juice. I guess I’m overthinking things. After taking a few sips
of the orange juice, she found Patrick, who was seated opposite her, gazing at her with a complicated
expression when she put down the glass. She could not help but furrow her brows. “Why are you looking&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;at me like that?” Patrick’s expression instantly changed as he teased, “Well, that’s because you’re so
adorable, Mrs. Faulkner!” “Shut up!” Genevieve did not find that to be a compliment. Instead, she had
goosebumps all over her skin and felt like she was about to throw up. While having her breakfast, she
switched on her phone to scroll through the news. Suddenly, the financial news about a new shareholder
of Specter Corporation, who seemed to be someone from the Faulkner family of Xedells, popped up. The
Faulkner family? As Genevieve continued scrolling down, she did not find any information related to the
new shareholder. Just then, she recalled that Armand had promised to help her regain Specter
Corporation within six months. Could this be his arrangement to send someone in there? With nothing
else to do after having her breakfast, Genevieve asked Patrick a few casual questions. Upon discovering
that Armand loved eating salmon, she bought a few salmons during her grocery shopping with Maria.
Throughout the rest of the day, Genevieve was in the kitchen learning how to cook fish from Maria, while
Patrick was forced to try out the dishes. At the third plate of salmon, Patrick revealed an expression of
devastation. “Genev, stop mutilating these fishes. Instead, just end my life as I don’t want to live
anymore.” Genevieve murmured, “Is it that awful?” She then tried a small bite by using a fork, and her
face instantly contorted. Is this really what I’ve made? After destroying eight salmons and Patrick’s
stomach, Genevieve finally made a salmon dish that tasted decent in the evening. Even Maria praised,
“Ms. Rachford, the fish tastes good. I’m sure Mr. Armand would love it.” Glancing at the clock on the wall,
Genevieve plastered a grin on her face as she instructed, “It’s almost dinner time. Give Mr. Armand a call
for him to come home for dinner.” She then added, “Forget about it. I’m afraid he’ll find me annoying.”
With that, she took the salmon and displayed it in the middle of the dining table. She wanted to make
Armand something that he loved eating as an act of appreciation. Maria shook her head and said
sincerely, “One will only find others bothersome if they’re strangers. Yes, I’m well aware of the promise
that you made with Mr. Armand. But both of you have registered your marriage and are living under the
same roof, so you can’t act like complete strangers.” Maria had witnessed Genevieve’s growth, so she
viewed the latter as her daughter. Therefore, Maria hoped that Genevieve would be able to take revenge
and find someone to take care of her for the rest of her life. At the thought of the incidents that had
occurred to Genevieve recently, Maria got teary-eyed. She urged Genevieve, “Just give it a try. If he&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;indeed finds you annoying, then you can simply not ring him in the future. Besides, the salmon will not
taste as good if it’s not eaten right away.” Genevieve hesitated briefly before she nodded. “Okay, I’ll give
him a call.”
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