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Chapter 89

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&#lt;p&#gt;Steven knew what kind of person Timothy was. He could only shrug helplessly. Steven disregarded
Timothy’s remarks. He went on and reported to Armand, “Mr. Faulkner, I’ve already procured some of
the recordings from the surveillance cameras. They belong to those that are facing the corridor on the
twelfth floor. I’ve also handed it to the police. But unfortunately, there isn’t enough evidence at the
moment. Cooper will only get a few days of detention at best.” “A few days of detention is enough.”
Armand shook off the ashes from his cigarette. His face was cold as ice. “When the time comes,
spread the news to those who’re closely affiliated with Specter Corporation.” Steven acknowledged the
order. He then continued, “I’ve also checked the surveillance cameras at the corners of the banquet
hall. Queenie from the translation department was seen pestering Mrs. Faulkner. However, Mrs.
Faulkner did not touch the champagne that was given to her.” “I’ve asked my men to check on all of
Queenie’s social accounts. We found that she had enlisted the help of several guys. She must be
conspiring…” Steven explained. Nevertheless, the rest of it was too unpleasant to be put into words.
Therefore, Steven summarized it for Armand. “Mrs. Faulkner was really witty. She joined hands
together with Patrick to deceive Queenie. They tricked her into the room instead. I had someone climb
over the balcony to check it. There was a similar scent in the room.” “Based on what you’ve just said, it
seems like she has a good supply of this illegal drug,” Timothy said in a lazy tone. His long slender
body was leaning against the back of the sofa. He was a little puzzled. “This kind of illegal drug is very
hard to come by. There are limited channels to get it. It’s not something money can buy. I’m very
curious as to how she managed to get her hands on it.” Timothy turned toward Steven. “So, this
Queenie. Is she from an established family?” “Her uncle is Harold Lane from Central Group’s
purchasing department. They have a bit of money, but not much on influence,” Steven answered. His
face turned solemn as he continued, “Someone was helping her in secret.” Armand closed his eyes. He
was smoking quietly by the window. After the conversation with Timothy and Steven, the cigarette
between his fingers had also reached its end. “Once Queenie’s awake, I’ll give her a proper
interrogation. I’m dying to find whoever that’s responsible for this setup. How dare they drag my woman&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;into this!” “Wow.” Timothy’s arms were folded in front of his chest. He mocked, “Armand, you were
despising her just a few hours ago. All of a sudden, she’s your woman now?” Armand tilted his head
and gave him a cold stare. Timothy stopped fooling around. He yawned before announcing to the rest,
“It’s been a busy night. I’m feeling tired as well. I’ll go and take a rest. Look for my assistant if there’s
anything.” Right before entering his room, Timothy stole another glance at Armand. “I assumed that
seven times a night was just an exaggeration by the netizens online. Pfft! Now that I’ve seen it, I have
to believe it,” he remarked. The corner of Armand’s eye twitched after hearing what he had to say. If
Timothy had closed his door a second late, Armand would have dashed over, detached his head, and
reassembled it. By the time Steven came back with a suit for Armand, it was already some time past
eight in the morning. Armand was changing into his suit. As he was buttoning his sleeves, he couldn’t
help but look in the direction of Genevieve’s room. He instructed Steven, “You stay here. I’ll go to the
office by myself.” Steven nodded. “Certainly.” Genevieve felt like she had a long dream. She dreamt
about her parents and grandma. They were by her side. All of them were well and alive. Besides them,
there was also someone which she didn’t expect… When Genevieve regained her senses, she saw
nothing but pitch black. She shut her eyes for a bit, trying to adjust to the darkness. Genevieve then
noticed the switch for the bedside lamp. She reached out her arms to turn it on. The lamp illuminated
its surroundings with a tint of yellow. She realized that she was in someone else’s room. The window
blinders were pulled shut. That was why it was dim in the room. She felt like she had been asleep for a
long long time. Genevieve tried to get up from bed but she couldn’t move a muscle. She began to pinch
her limbs. Once she regained her strength, she got off the bed and made her way to the side of the
room. Genevieve basked herself in sunlight as she pulled the blinders open. A sense of clarity slowly
set into her fuzzy mind. She only remembered up to the moment when Patrick caught the drug by
accident. He was about to violate her when Cooper showed up out of nowhere. He smashed Patrick’s
head with a vase. After that, he dragged her into the guest room on the opposite side. Cooper had her
arms restrained. He bent his body toward her. “Genevieve, you’re not ready for the likes of Armand.”
He had persuaded, “You should just stay by my side and be my lover.” The last bit of her memory was&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Cooper clenching her jaw, getting ready to kiss her. She did a quick look around and found herself in a
nightgown. The colors were drained off her face in an instant.
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