Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 120

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&#lt;p&#gt; Why Is Everyone Pursuing Her
&#lt;p&#gt;After making a full recovery, Genevieve went back to work. She went to the office wearing a light gray
professional suit—a tight-fitting skirt with a pair of eight-centimeter stiletto heels. The entire get-up
made her legs look long and slender and perfectly encapsulated her beauty. When she entered the
department office, many colleagues were staring at her legs. “Genevieve, have your legs become more
slender in the last few days since I last saw you?” “I’ve probably walked a lot more lately. That’s why
my legs have become slender.” Smiling, Genevieve put down her bag and went to Jenny’s office. After
knocking on the door, Genevieve entered the office. Standing in front of the desk, she asked, “Ms.
Griffin, I’m familiar with the workflow now. Is there any important task for me to do?” Jenny smiled in
response. “You just came back from vacation. There’s no need to get back to work in such a hurry. I
know how capable you are.” Previously, Steven talked to Jenny in private as he wanted to apply for
leave for Genevieve. After asking around, Jenny found out that Patrick also applied for leave. She
thought that the duo had gone on a trip. As a result, Jenny informed her colleagues in the department
that the branch needed an interpreter. Then, she sent Genevieve off on a business trip for a few days.
Genevieve’s eyes flickered. “I’d like to learn something. I’ll feel a sense of fulfillment whenever I’m
working,” she admitted sincerely. Jenny froze for a moment, seemingly surprised by Genevieve’s
enthusiasm for work. Besides, the latter took the initiative to request more work. Taking two copies from
the documents on the table, Jenny handed them to Genevieve. “All right, then. You can try to translate
these two documents first.” “Thank you, Ms. Griffin. You should get back to work.” Genevieve quickly
left the office after accepting the documents. The two documents that Jenny gave to Genevieve would
then be copied electronically to a foreign subsidiary company. Not only did those documents require
high vocabulary accuracy, but there could not be any typos. While translating these documents,
Genevieve encountered some business jargon that she was unfamiliar with. Therefore, she had to ask
her former classmates’ opinions on Instagram. The vocabulary accuracy of these two documents
processed by her reached ninety percent. Due to Genevieve’s excellent translation, the representative
of the foreign company sent an email to Jenny in praise of Genevieve after receiving the electronic&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;copy of the documents. Soon, the news of Genevieve’s prowess in translation spread in all of the
departments of Central Group. Despite her less-than-stellar past, Genevieve was the daughter of the
Rachford family after all. She had a good upbringing, a beautiful face, and a stunning figure. Most
importantly, she was outstanding at work. Some of the male colleagues at Central Group met
Genevieve when they went to the company’s restaurant for meals. After witnessing her beauty, they
sent flowers and gifts to Genevieve’s department every day. In just a few days, the glass doors of the
translation department could not be closed anymore due to the frequent visits. Before Armand could
even take his seat after returning from Xedells in the morning, he had already heard all kinds of rumors
about Genevieve. For instance, the new assistant manager of the overseas department sent breakfast
and flowers to Genevieve every day. Furthermore, he would go to the translation department daily just
to see her. Another rumor was that someone from Yeringham fell in love with Genevieve at first sight.
Then, the guy applied for a job at Central Group just to get close to her. After listening to all the gossip,
the calm Armand inexplicably became annoyed. Is she not wearing a wedding ring? Why does
everyone want to pursue her? After suppressing his unhappiness, Armand finished handling the urgent
documents. Only then did he call the translation department to inform them that he specifically wanted
Genevieve to deliver the documents. Jenny hung up the phone and took the document to Genevieve.
“Genevieve, send this document to the CEO’s office.” “Okay,” Genevieve gladly agreed. After finishing
her task at hand, Genevieve left her seat with the document. She heard gossiping from behind before
she even left the office door. “If the CEO wants some documents, wouldn’t he send his secretary to get
them? Why did he ask for Genevieve instead?” “Whoa. Don’t tell me even Mr. Faulkner is interested in
Genevieve?” Genevieve had always remained calm no matter how much gossip there was about
herself in the past few days. With a faint smile on her lips, she quickly took the elevator to the top floor.
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