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Chapter 143

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&#lt;p&#gt;As she took in the warmth and indulgence that Armand conveyed through his gaze, Genevieve couldn’t
help but feel immense jealousy toward Marilyn. Out of nowhere, she felt wetness at the corners of her
eyes. The wetness and cool feeling soon spread from her face throughout the rest of her body.
Genevieve irritably flicked through the few photos that Maria had sent over.
&#lt;p&#gt;She did this so many times that her vision soon became blurry from the strain on her eyes, and her arm
ached heavily from holding her phone up the entire time. Once more, her gaze fell on Armand’s eyes,
and she came to a sudden realization. She now understood why Marilyn had poured filthy water onto
her when she had visited the Faulkner residence previously. She also understood why Armand had
found it so difficult and why he had been so reluctant to lecture Marilyn about it. This also explained
why she had always been so jealous of the indulgence that Armand had for Marilyn and why she
occasionally felt that Armand didn’t care for her or didn’t belong to her. It was all because she was in
love with Armand. For a long time now, she had felt this burgeoning love within her and had buried it
deep within her heart. She didn’t dare to think about it or admit to herself what it all meant. Genevieve
was a little numb as she thought about all this and recalled how Armand’s gaze had always been cold
whenever he looked at her, yet full of warmth whenever he gazed at Marilyn. At the end of the day, he
only treated their relationship as a purely contractual one, whereas she had completely fallen head
over heels for him. Genevieve felt the phone in her hand suddenly vibrate. She looked down and saw
that she had just received a WhatsApp message. Armand texted: How far have you gotten in the book?
From just his texts alone, Genevieve seemed to be able to pick up his nonchalant and indifferent tone.
She pursed her lips and didn’t reply to the message nor scroll through her phone.
&#lt;p&#gt;Instead, she switched it off and flung it on the bedside table. That night, Genevieve went to bed without
bothering to dry her hair. Coupled with her dreary and depressed mood, this resulted in her waking the
next day with several throbbing aches throughout her body. Patrick met her at the hotel’s restaurant&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;and asked how she had been. However, Genevieve replied awkwardly that she had merely been
exposed to the air-conditioning for too long a period of time and would perk up once she had taken
some food. She added that she would head over to the center with Elijah’s team to continue their round
of negotiations. Fortunately for Genevieve, their negotiations proceeded rather smoothly this time, and
they finally signed the contract just after two in the afternoon. After their successful negotiation, Elijah’s
team booked tickets for Genevieve’s and Patrick’s return flight to Jadeborough.
&#lt;p&#gt;The next day, the group headed over to the airport together to bid the pair farewell. Unfortunately for
the pair, the weather at Jadeborough made for difficult flying conditions, and the transit flight the pair
were on had no choice but to land at Springwyn. Patrick seemed to be able to pick up that Genevieve
was feeling rather sullen. As such, once they had dropped off their baggage at the hotel, he headed
over to knock on the door to her room and suggested, “The weather seems pretty good here at
Springwyn. Come on; I’ll take you out to have some fun.” However, Genevieve rejected his offer and
replied, “I want to sleep. I’m not going anywhere.” “You’ve slept so much during the two flights we’ve
had to get here. How can you still manage to fall asleep?” countered Patrick. Patrick headed in and
saw that Genevieve’s suitcase was open. He reached in, picked out two sets of clothing, and tossed
them into her lap. Following that, he gently guided her toward the bathroom and implored, “Hurry up
and change out. I’m sure you’ll be interested in the place I’m bringing you to.” Genevieve turned back
and eyed him as she asked, “Surely you’re not taking me to an amusement park just because you think
I’m feeling unhappy, are you? Don’t be so childish.” However, Patrick only closed the door to the
bathroom and replied, “You’ll know when you get there.” Once Genevieve was finished changing out,
she followed Patrick out and soon realized that he was bringing her to a shooting club.
&#lt;p&#gt;This shooting club was one of Springwyn’s largest. Its interior was designed and set up under the
guidance of retired military personnel, contributing to a great user experience. As Genevieve hadn’t
been to a shooting club before, her interest was suddenly piqued at the impressive sight before her.
Under Patrick’s guidance, Genevieve loaded the gun and held it as she got up on the platform and took&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;aim at her target. Although her starting few shots were rather dismal, especially since she had picked
an easy target close to her current position, she eventually improved after some training, and her
bullets were soon able to hit the bullseye. Just like that, Genevieve spent the whole day at the shooting
club with Patrick and had the time of her life doing so. Close to half past five in the afternoon, they were
about to leave the shooting club, and Patrick saw that her mood had finally improved. With this in mind,
he finally relaxed and handed her a bottle of water.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Wait for me here. I’ll go return the keys,” instructed Patrick. “All right,” replied Genevieve as she took
the bottle of water and stood by the side of the entrance. She twisted the cap off the bottle and took a
few sips of water. Just as she was about to cap the bottle again, a blur flashed past and grabbed her
violently by the wrist.
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