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Chapter 183

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&#lt;p&#gt; That Is A Given
&#lt;p&#gt;Genevieve took out the sheet music she composed yesterday afternoon and tried playing it with the
violin.She could imagine how the music was in her head while composing the piece but was unable to
listen to it directly. At that moment, as she played, the upbeat tune produced by the luxurious violin
sounded like a feast for the ears.Genevieve had attempted to write a few songs since she learned
violin at a young age, but all of the pieces were awful.This time, however, perhaps because she was in
a good mood or maybe she had poured her emotions into composing the piece, the tune was highly
remarkable. She had unknowingly immersed herself in that indulging experience as she listened to the
piece.Unfortunately, only the first half of the song was great.The tune for the piece’s second half did not
sound right to her.Genevieve sat cross-legged on the floor again and amended the sheet music on her
notebook. Then, she tried playing the piece again, but all the same, she failed to find her groove.“Ms.
Rachford, I think it sounds wonderful.” Maria brought a plate of fruits to the living room.Taking in
Genevieve’s deeply furrowed brows, Maria added, “I heard the songs you used to play in the Rachford
residence previously. In my opinion, this piece you performed earlier was better than all the songs I’ve
listened to in the past.”Despite receiving Maria’s compliments, Genevieve could not deem that piece a
complete song because she was not satisfied with the second half of the tune.She was determined to
bring that piece to perfection.Maria placed a piece of apple on the fork and handed it to Genevieve.
“Have some fruits and take a break. You can continue working on it later.”Genevieve nodded. She
placed her violin aside and switched on her phone while eating the fruits. Only then did she see the
message Armand sent her over an hour ago that read: Mm. This mushroom soup is indeed not
bad.She smiled. Suddenly, a thought flashed across her mind. She waved Maria over for the latter to sit
next to her. After that, Genevieve opened the memo application on her phone and typed: Maria, do you
think I used to love Cooper?When she held Armand to sleep last night, various thoughts surfaced
within her chaotic mind.Genevieve knew she was in love. Still, the feelings stirred within her when she
was with Cooper completely differed from those she felt when being with Armand. Yet, she was unable
to specify the distinctions.Maria had experienced something similar. Even her grandchildren were&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;already a few years old. Listening to Genevieve’s question, she had roughly grasped the situation.“Yes.
You did love Cooper, but the kind of love is different from the affection you harbor toward Mr. Armand.”
Maria thought for a few seconds before continuing, “You grew up with Cooper, and none of the other
boys around you were more outstanding than him, so you admired and adored him. But that loving
feeling is similar to how you feel toward your parents. You think of Cooper as your family, assuming he
could take care of you. However, things are different in Mr. Armand’s case. You are willing to cook for
him and like to cling to him, acting coyly around him at all times. You’ve already seen him as someone
you can rely on. Moreover, you hold a sense of possessiveness toward Mr. Armand as you do not like it
when other women stay by his side.”Genevieve came to a revelation while listening to Maria.She was
reminded of some details she had overlooked.For example, when she found out Cooper had been with
Erica for many years, she was only mad at him for a short while. More was her hatred toward him for
plotting against her parents.On the other hand, the sight of the picture with Armand and Marilyn
together was able to invoke uncontrollable fury within her, causing her to smash Armand’s phone.Maria
patted Genevieve’s head. “If I am not mistaken, you are playing the violin again because you are
planning a surprise for Mr. Armand, am I right, Ms. Rachford?”The latter nodded. She leaned forward
and hugged Maria. Then, she typed: I love you so much, Maria! I would still be caught in perplexity if
not for your enlightening words. Indeed, I am planning to surprise him. Can you help me keep this a
secret?Maria opened her mouth as if she was about to say something. After a split second of
hesitation, she answered, “I believe Mr. Armand will like the surprise you plan.”Genevieve smiled.
That’s a given. This is a piece I composed!
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