Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 196

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&#lt;p&#gt; Lost Hearing
&#lt;p&#gt;“Okay,” Patrick agreed without hesitation. “I’ll take you to Kransbay, where it’s warm all year round.
There is also a magnificent sea. You’ll definitely like it.”Genevieve nodded.I don’t care where we go as
long as we can get out of here.Seeing that Genevieve was feeling a little upset, Patrick opened a bag
of snacks and handed it to her, telling her she would not have the energy to leave if she did not eat
anything. Following that, he started thoroughly inspecting the hotel room.Later, he discovered two
pinhole cameras under the set-top box and in the bathroom, which he immediately destroyed.“Genev,
do you want to take a shower?”It was pouring rain as they left Jadeborough. Genevieve’s clothes and
hair were drenched, and she still had not cleaned up.Patrick saw her curled up in the chair, her legs
encircled in her arms. He asked again because she did not seem to hear the first time.However, the
woman continued to ignore him.Noticing that something was amiss, he approached her and squatted
down so that they were at eye level. “Genev?”After a while, Genevieve blinked blankly and typed on
the phone, inquiring: What’s the matter?“I just called you. You didn’t hear me?”In response, Genevieve
shook her head and replied: No.Immediately, Patrick’s expression darkened. He then gave her ears a
quick glance before abruptly lifting his hand to cover her right ear. “Can you hear what I’m saying right
now?”Gazing at him, Genevieve tapped away on the phone: I saw your lips move, asking if I could hear
you…At that moment, she came to a realization, and her fingers stopped moving on the screen.She
lost hearing in her left ear.The next moment, Patrick removed his hand from her right ear and queried,
“Did you hurt your ear before coming out? Or did something happen?”Genevieve replied: When I went
into the study to look for Grandma, I found her dead on the couch. Later, Marilyn and the housekeeper
came in. I failed to stop her from slapping me across the face.Marilyn slapped her so forcefully that she
could hear a ringing in her ear for a brief moment before she could hear clearly again.Once Patrick
learned that the deafness in her left ear might be caused by Marilyn, he had a vengeful look in his
eyes.Taking a deep breath, he handed the pajamas and a clean towel to Genevieve. “Genev, go take a
shower and go to bed. I’ll take you to the hospital first thing tomorrow morning.”However, she did not
move and merely dipped her head and tightened her grip on the pajamas.Moments later, she picked up&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;her phone and asked: Patrick, am I stupid? I’ve lost my family, and it’s obvious that those around me
are taking advantage of me. I ought to be more cautious and wiser…But not long after that, I fell victim
to a man once again, and this time, I’m damned for all eternity.“No, Genev. You’re a smart woman. It’s
just that they’re plotting against you. If I were you, I wouldn’t be able to protect myself from them
either,” comforted Patrick. Raising his hand to caress her cheek, he stated, “It’s all right. I’ll take you to
a place by the sea, and since I have a lot of money in foreign bank accounts, you are free to spend as
much as you like there. Once the police stop looking for you, I’ll investigate Old Mrs. Faulkner’s death
and prove your innocence. I’ll also take Specter Corporation back for you. All you have to do is be
happy.” After a brief pause, he promised, “Genev, I’ll protect you. Nobody can take you away as long as
I’m here.”Genevieve could see the determination and gentleness on his face. Moving her lips, she
wanted to say something, but in the end, she only nodded with reddened eyes and walked to the
bathroom while holding her pajamas.At the same time, Patrick took out a laptop from his luggage. After
logging in, he altered the program, and the screen lit up once again. He could view the surveillance
footage from all of the surveillance cameras within a thousand meters of the hotel.As soon as he was
done reviewing the surveillance footage, he went onto the dark web and contacted his friends to
request their assistance in obtaining visas and fake passports.He entered the bathroom after
Genevieve had finished her shower. Moments later, he came out and leaned against the chair to rest.In
the blink of an eye, it was seven o’clock in the morning. The light of dawn seeped into the room.Before
going to a private hospital, Patrick changed into a different outfit and reapplied the unique dye on
Genevieve and himself to disguise themselves.The doctor radiographed Genevieve’s left ear. After
some examination, his expression turned gloomy. “Her left ear’s spiral organ hair cells and auditory
nerve have both suffered serious injuries.”
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