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Chapter 204

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&#lt;p&#gt; Murderer
&#lt;p&#gt;Genevieve was the only one in the study when Harriet suddenly died.Even if she were to tell everyone
that she had nothing to do with the old lady’s death, no one would believe her. Otherwise, the police
around the country wouldn’t have put her on the wanted list.Suddenly, Genevieve saw a slender figure
from the shaky but clear video.The man did not avoid the cameras like the others from the Faulkner
family. He was holding his head high with an indifferent look on his face. An icy aura surrounded him,
and it made even someone who was watching from the screen shudder.Genevieve’s heart, which had
finally calmed down after a few days, ached as if a knife had pierced right through it.She quickly turned
off her phone, looking woefully out of place.Genevieve didn’t try to turn it on again. Instead, she
switched on the television in the living room. The little girl was staring at her, feeling curious. A moment
later, she took the ukulele with her as she made her way to the couch Genevieve was sitting
on.“Grandma…” she said while pointing a finger at Genevieve. “Bright eyes…”Genevieve’s lips
twitched. I look around thirty with the disguise on. How did I become a grandmother?Fortunately, the
girl had praised her beauty. Otherwise, she would have been so upset by her remarks.“Thank you,”
Genevieve replied with a smile as she took the girl in her arms.She took the ukulele from her and
fiddled with it. After tuning it, she asked, “Should I play you a song?”“Little star…” the girl answered
sweetly.“Okay.” Genevieve guided her as she played the ukulele, and soon, a melodious tune could be
heard.“Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are…”The girl’s eyes widened when she
heard the tune coming from the ukulele. She could not believe that it was from the instrument.She
started to strum the ukulele and sang with Genevieve.Her sweet voice, which was much more
melodious than the music from the instrument, filled the living room.When Agnes walked out of the
room and saw that Genevieve was playing the ukulele with her daughter, she said in shock, “I thought
this was a decoration. It can play music?”“Yes. It’s called a ukulele, and it’s quite fun.” Genevieve
caressed the girl’s cheek. “Your daughter is quite talented.”“Look, Darling! I told you our daughter is
talented!” Paul had also exited his room. He took his wife in his embrace, overjoyed when he heard
Genevieve praise his daughter.“I’m going to send Little Bean to learn violin once she’s older. She’s&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;going to be the next Marilyn Wood and make us proud.”“Dream on!” Agnes elbowed him in the waist. “I
heard that Marilyn is a rare talent in the music industry. How can your daughter be compared to
her?”“What do you mean, rare? All she has is talent,” Paul said. “I was watching the news the other day
and someone named Genevieve released a song. Even the experts in the music industry came forward
and praised her. They said that she’s much more talented than Marilyn and that she has perfect
pitch.”Stunned, Agnes asked softly, “Is she the woman who killed Old Mrs. Faulkner a few days
ago?”“Yes.”“She’s so young and talented. How did she end up becoming a murderer?” Agnes sighed.
“To offend a huge family like the Faulkner family, her life is over.”“I know, right?”The couple spoke softly
since there was a child in their presence, but Genevieve could still hear them clearly.She lowered her
gaze and kept silent.Soon, the sky darkened outside. Agnes brought her daughter out. Before leaving,
she said to Genevieve, “It’s the Torch Festival today. It’ll be very lively at the square. You can bring your
husband out to have some fun too.”
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