Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 211

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&#lt;p&#gt; Promise Me To Love Yourself
&#lt;p&#gt;He was brought back by Steven as a child. As an orphan, he had no family to call his own, so he
treated Steven as his older brother.Ever since he was a kid, he had never gone against anything that
Steven had told him to do.That was until he met a girl one day, who had a smile sweeter than candy
and brighter than the sun.She would play games with him, remember all of his favorite food, and
breathe energy into his life. He felt like a real human being whenever he was with her, with flesh, blood,
and bone. With her around, he could feel his heart beating in his chest. When she was around, he was
no longer the stone-cold killing machine he usually was.He was thankful that he was in Jadeborough,
and he was happy that he had met her.The time he had spent with her was the happiest he had ever
been in his entire life.He knew he was deeply in love with this girl and was willing to do everything for
her.“I know, I know,” Genevieve murmured as she stroked his cold face. Her lips trembled as she
choked out, “Don’t leave me. You said you were going to bring me to Kransbay. You said there was a
gorgeous beach there that you wanted to show me. I’ll take you to the hospital. You’ll be fine!”She tried
to get up with Patrick in her arms but forgot that her legs were still tied and so she fell down once
again.“It’s no use, Genev.” Patrick held her hand with all his remaining strength. He could feel his lungs
collapsing, and his voice became weaker as he murmured, “I have s-so much that I-I want to s-say to
you…”“What is it? I’m listening,” Genevieve whispered as she continued weeping.Patrick let out two
harsh breaths and said, “I-I lied. I’ve never h-had a girlfriend. I-I’ve never held a girl’s hand, n-nor have I
e-ever k-kissed a girl. C-Can you kiss me, Genev?”“Of course,” Genevieve whispered as she leaned
down and kissed him gently on his lips, which were now cold as marble.The kiss tasted like blood, rain,
and tears, as Genevieve couldn’t stop crying.Patrick smiled, finally satisfied. “It’s as soft as I
imagined…”He coughed once and a startling amount of blood spilled out of his mouth and onto his
shirt.Genevieve’s tears were coming down nonstop now as she lifted a hand to wipe away the blood on
his lips.“Genev,” Patrick wheezed out, no longer able to breathe. “I-I couldn’t keep m-my promise. I-I w-
won’t be able to p-protect you anymore. Promise me that y-you’ll love yourself. P-Protect yourself.
You’re y-you, not a-anyone else’s…”“Okay, okay, I promise,” Genevieve sobbed as she nodded&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;frantically.“I-I really want to take you to Kransbay…” His voice became weaker. The light in his eyes
slowly dimmed as he looked at her face full of tears and gradually breathed his last.Genev, I want to
take you to see that gorgeous beach.I love you, Genev.Genevieve could feel Patrick’s breathing
slowing down and then to a complete stop. As the body in her embrace stiffened, an immense wave of
fear washed over her, threatening to drown her.She buried her face in his icy cold chest and wailed at
the top of her lungs.Marilyn watched as Patrick died and Genevieve continued to cry over his dead
body. She chuckled, feeling an immense rush of joy.Nobody else could have whatever she couldn’t
have.Marilyn was just about to command someone to destroy Genevieve’s hands when she received
an urgent message.She hurriedly told the man on the other side of the phone, “Get out of there right
now!”The few of them who were still alive didn’t dare to procrastinate and drove away speedily.The
moment they were out of sight, a few cars arrived and screeched to a halt behind Genevieve.Steven
rushed out of the car and the first thing he saw was Genevieve weeping while hugging Patrick’s dead
body.She continued babbling as if she had gone insane, telling them that Patrick was still alive. Steven
drove to the nearest hospital, and the doctors rushed out only to see a dead man in the backseat.
However, they still went through with the check-up.“Miss, the patient passed away half an hour ago.”
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