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Chapter 214

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&#lt;p&#gt; Did They Predict Her Death
&#lt;p&#gt;“Genevieve Rachford is suspected of murder. She’s a fugitive,” one of them said.“Murder?” Cooper
scoffed. He undid some of the buttons on his shirt so that his skin could breathe. “I heard that Old Mrs.
Faulkner died suddenly, and there are many reasons for people to die a sudden death. If you guys are
suspecting Genevieve just because she was alone with her, then I must say you guys are too much of
a failure as police officers.”The policeman began to stutter after getting shot down by Cooper.“Sir, you
are seriously obstructing us from enforcing the law.”The policeman looked toward one of his
colleagues, who immediately pulled out a pair of handcuffs.A besuited man standing next to Cooper
instantly stepped in front of him and smiled warmly. “Officers, Mr. Sutton was simply sharing his
suspicions. Taking someone into custody for no reason isn’t good, and besides…”He trailed off as he
pointed at a surveillance camera in the corner above them.“Our every move is being recorded on that
surveillance camera over there. If you try to start something with Mr. Sutton and we end up going to
court, the surveillance camera footage will be used as evidence. You guys don’t want to be going over
this in court because of a few harsh words, right?”The man was all smiles as he spoke, but his words
were sharp and venomous. The police officers’ faces clouded over at once.The one holding the
handcuffs no longer dared to move.Marilyn’s eyes flickered when she caught sight of the man next to
Cooper intimidating the police officers.Wasn’t Cooper and Genevieve’s divorce a messy one? I even
heard that Cooper was the one who killed Genevieve’s parents… So why is he helping her now?
Marilyn had finally managed to get the cops here. She wasn’t about to give up this chance to send
Genevieve to jail.“If she truly has nothing to do with my grandmother’s death, then there won’t be a
problem with her just going along with the investigation. Why did she run away?” Marilyn approached
them slowly with a hand behind her back.Her stomach was already sticking out like a watermelon.
Even clothes thrice her size couldn’t hide it, but her features were still defined and pretty.The police
officers stepped aside. It was as if they were afraid of touching Marilyn.Once she approached them,
she looked up at Cooper and said clearly, “She’s guilty, and that’s why she ran away. She definitely has
something to do with my grandmother’s death! I’ll bet everything I have to make sure she gets arrested&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;for what she’s done. Otherwise, my grandmother won’t be able to rest peacefully!”“She’s not guilty. She
can’t even speak now because her vocal cords got damaged. She won’t be able to give an alibi or
answer any questions at the station,” Cooper said, staring right back at Marilyn. “Are you trying to force
her to confess, Ms. Wood?”Marilyn pressed her lips together tightly. “I never said that. Don’t you put
words in my mouth.”Cooper chuckled.“Yes, you didn’t say anything, but the urgent look on your face is
showing how much you hate Genevieve. I’ve sent people and did a little investigating on my own. Both
the hospital and the police station are so far from the Faulkner residence, and yet they arrived soon
after Genevieve stepped into the study room. Did they predict Old Mrs. Faulkner’s death or something?
Also”—Cooper took two steps toward Marilyn—”before she went to meet Old Mrs. Faulkner at the
Faulkner residence, she had gone to do a check-up at the hospital. Her vocal cords were still broken,
and there are records to prove it. So how can a person who cannot speak force an old woman to her
death?”Cooper was even more overbearing than the lawyer next to him. Just a few sentences from him
were enough to make Marilyn panic because she knew she did not do a good job.Still, she thought
stubbornly, it’s not like there are surveillance cameras on the second-floor corridor. No one will ever
find out how she died.“Mando,” Marilyn whined, shaking Armand’s arm, “I’m not good at reasoning with
people. I can’t win Mr. Sutton in an argument. But all the housekeepers can prove that Genevieve has
something to do with Grandma’s death! Everybody in the Faulkner family wants to know why Grandma
died. Are you just going to let Genevieve go like that?”
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