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Chapter 213

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&#lt;p&#gt; The Babies Are GoneBlood?Armand thought of something, and his gaze darkened
immediately. He rushed over to pick Genevieve up in his arms and she simply let him. Her arms fell to
her sides as she stared forward lifelessly.The blood on the floor was a fresh, shocking red.Marilyn’s
eyes narrowed as she looked at the blood. “D-Did that blood come from Genevieve?” she asked the
housekeeper in a quivering voice.“Yes…” the housekeeper replied.Her answer was delayed due to her
surprise, but before she could even finish saying the one-syllable reply, Marilyn jolted twice as if she
had an electric shock.Wordlessly, she pushed her housekeeper away and stumbled after Armand and
Genevieve.By the time Armand carried Genevieve all the way to the emergency department, blood had
completely spotted the bottom of her dress and her face had turned almost deathly pale. The doctor
who saw them instantly figured out what was happening and yelled for a gynecologist.The gynecologist
placed Genevieve onto a gurney and wheeled her to an operating room.Armand stood outside the
operating room. He lowered his head and a pair of hands stained with bright red blood leaped into view.
A lump formed in his throat as he realized he could still feel the warmth of the blood on his
fingers.Breathing became an arduous task.Less than a minute later, the door to the operating room
opened, and the gynecologist stepped out.“I’m so sorry, but the babies are gone. They were newly
developed twins, and they had been developing so well. Perhaps she was mentally unstable that she
couldn’t keep them…”Twins…Armand opened his mouth but couldn’t find anything to say.The doctor
sighed and passed a document to him. “I need to get rid of what’s left in her body, so please sign
this.”“Okay,” Armand said and took the document.He had always managed to sign documents calmly
and flawlessly. He had probably signed about a thousand documents throughout his career, but this
time, his hands simply refused to stop trembling.Marilyn had been standing silently behind Armand.
She had rushed over in time just to hear what the doctor said.When she heard the doctor say that
Genevieve was pregnant with twins, her heart clenched. But when the doctor went on to say that the
babies were gone and she saw Armand signing the document, her hands, which had been clutching
her clothes, relaxed.Thank God the babies are gone. If not, I probably would have gone insane.
Armand belongs to me, always was, and will always be!As the doctor walked into the operating room&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;with the documents, Armand continued to stand there, looking up at the door lifelessly.Marilyn was
about to walk toward him when she heard a series of footsteps behind her. She turned back, only to
see a group of police officers walking toward them.She stopped walking and allowed them to walk past
her.“Mr. Faulkner,” one of the police officers called out to him seriously. “Genevieve Rachford is
suspected of murdering Harriet Clarke. We need to keep her under supervision and take her back to
the station to be interrogated once she recovers.”Armand acted as if he did not hear them. He looked
at the door of the operating room calmly, a bone-chilling aura radiating from him.The police officers
shivered and abruptly stepped back.Less than two minutes later, more footsteps approached and two
more people appeared in front of the operating room.Cooper had been locked up for crashing into a
police car and assaulting an officer, so he only managed to show up now. When he heard that
Genevieve had returned to Jadeborough, he had instantly made his way over.He had thought that
Genevieve needed his help, yet little did he expect to find himself standing before the operating
room.He did not wear his glasses today and thus, the redness in his eyes and the dark shadows
underneath them were put on display for everyone to see. He did not look as charismatic as before.He
glanced at the operating room, the door to which was still tightly shut.When he spotted the police
officers next to him, his gaze sharpened at once. “What are the police doing here?”
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