Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 220

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&#lt;p&#gt; I Will Not Divorce Him
&#lt;p&#gt;Cooper adjusted his spectacles as a small smile curved his lips. “All right. I won’t let you down.”I won’t
let Samantha off the hook, either.That woman had been consumed with hatred just because Cooper’s
father had left her. It had spurred her to kill Cooper’s entire family in a fire and manipulate Cooper like a
pawn over the past twenty or so years.If not for Samantha’s revenge, his and Genevieve’s relationship
would not have ended in ruin.Genevieve passed Cooper an apple piece. He popped it into his mouth
and relished its impossibly sweet taste. He asked, “When will you divorce Armand, Genev? Even if he
doesn’t involve the police in his grandmother’s sudden death, he may decide to settle the score with
you in private. Maybe I should get you a lawyer and—”“I’m not divorcing him,” she cut him off.Cooper
was stunned by her reply. He wondered if he had misheard her. “Why aren’t you divorcing him? Wait?
D-Do you still love him?”Genevieve merely smiled instead of gratifying him with a verbal
response.Then, she picked up her phone on the table. Her fingers flew across the screen as she said
to her ex-husband, “Marilyn has a violin named ‘Night Breeze.’ Please get it back for me. If she refuses,
show her this video I’m sending to you.”Cooper unlocked his phone and watched the video.In it,
Genevieve looked straight at the camera and recounted an incident.Right before the video ended,
Genevieve raised three fingers toward the sky and declared, “If a fourth person learns about this, I
deserve to perish immediately and suffer for all eternity in hell with no chance for repentance.”Cooper
was dumbfounded after watching the video. His shock lingered on his expression as he stared at
Genevieve and muttered, “So fourteen years ago, you and Armand…”He trailed off before asking, “Did
Armand mistake you for Marilyn?”“That’s not important anymore.” Genevieve ate the apple pieces
leisurely, seemingly at peace with the past incident. “Show Marilyn the video. I’m sure she’ll hand over
the violin.”Cooper murmured an acknowledgment before keeping his phone. “I’ll ask to meet her
tomorrow. Are you getting discharged today? I see you’ve packed your luggage.”“Yes. I informed
Steven of my decision yesterday.”He was about to offer her a ride home when someone opened the
door before he could even leave his seat. A tall, imposing figure stepped into the room.The man’s gaze
swept across the room and landed on the dining table. His gaze cooled several degrees when he&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;noticed Genevieve and Cooper sitting together.Armand side-eyed Cooper briefly before turning his
attention to Genevieve. He asked, “Do you have anything to pack? I came to send you back.”Cooper
turned to stare at Genevieve and piped up, “I’ll send you back, Genev.”“Mr. Sutton, I don’t need you to
send my wife home.” Armand stuck a hand in his pocket and exuded an intimidating aura. His frown
deepened as he questioned, “Don’t you think you’re crossing the line?”“Genev is like a younger sister
to me. What’s wrong with me sending her home?” Cooper replied with a smile.The atmosphere in the
ward instantly changed.Genevieve pretended not to notice the tension in the air as she leisurely wiped
her fingers with a tissue. “I married Mr. Faulkner. It’s perfectly normal for him to fetch me from the
hospital.”Her words caused Cooper’s gaze to darken in jealousy. His hands clenched almost
imperceptibly.Genevieve took her phone from the table and strolled over to Armand. She held his arm
and smiled. “I don’t have anything to pack. Let’s go.”Armand stared at the hand she placed over his
arm and then at her calm expression. He grunted in agreement and led her out of the ward.Right
before they left the ward, she turned to glance at Cooper and remind him, “Thanks for the favor, Coop.
Call me if you need anything.”She even waved her phone at him for good measure.Her endearing
address wiped away all hints of displeasure from Cooper’s face. He smiled and nodded at her. Armand,
who witnessed all of this, narrowed his eyes menacingly.Soon enough, they arrived at the hospital
parking lot. Genevieve had just settled in the passenger seat when Armand leaned over to inspect
her.He raised a hand as though to cup her jaw, yet his hand froze when he noticed how sharp her
jawline had become. His heart ached as he realized how much weight she had lost during her stay in
the hospital.Suddenly, his hand stretched forward and cupped the back of her head. He pulled her
close and growled, “Coop?”Armand stared intently at her and sneered, “Did you forget who killed your
parents, Genevieve?”
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