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Chapter 223

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&#lt;p&#gt; Why Are You Smashing ItMaria had been working as a housekeeper for the Rachford
family ever since she was young and had been staying by Genevieve’s side for years to take care of
her. Wrinkles had since grown around her eyes, and her hair had turned white.Maria had reached the
age where she was nearing death.When Genevieve was a kid, she would hug Maria and cry and whine
at her. That was the second time Maria had cried in front of her, but she was unmoved. Her gaze was
cold.Genevieve crouched down in front of Maria and used a piece of tissue to wipe her tears away.
“Maria, you began working for my mom when she married my dad, and even now, you still regard me
as Ms. Rachford. You have always seen yourself as a member of the Rachford family and claimed that
you never wanted to hurt me. Yet, you attacked me… twice.”Maria’s entire being trembled. “Ms.
Rachford—”“If you truly had no desire to hurt me, you would’ve told me about how someone had
threatened you. You should’ve done that the second it happened, and I would’ve helped you deal with
the issue. But you didn’t come to me. You were worried about your grandson, and you didn’t trust
me.“Maria, you know that I have no one else. I have always seen you as family, and everyone close to
you is important to me as well. I even said that I would earn enough money so that I could take good
care of you and buy you a house where you could live comfortably in retirement. Yet, you’ve been
treating me as an outsider.”Every single word stabbed Maria’s heart. She regretted what she had done
and was drowning in guilt. She cried so much that even her wrinkles were trembling, and there was
nothing she could say to refute Genevieve’s words.She’s right. The Rachford family has always been
kind to me. Her mom even bought me a house. And how did I repay that kindness? I almost killed
Genevieve…“Someone once told me that a person should always bear the responsibility of their action.
There is no point in apologizing at all,” said Genevieve. She handed the piece of tissue to Maria, then
stood up. “Give me back the house my mom gave you and put it under my name, then turn yourself in
at the police station.”“Ms. Rachford…” Maria panicked. “I will do whatever you want me to do. All I ask
is that you forgive me. I-I can’t go to jail.”Genevieve simply responded by saying, “I want to hear the
news that you’ve turned yourself in at the police station by one o’clock tomorrow. If you haven’t done
that by then, I will go to them myself. Things will be so much worse for you, and you may have to spend&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;years in prison, Maria.”With that, she ignored Maria’s constant begging and entered the house, walking
all the way to the pantry.Armand had been standing by the entrance and observing Genevieve when
she spoke to Maria. The way she dealt with the matter in such a calm manner was a side that Armand
had never seen before.It was at that moment that he realized she had changed.Armand did not give
Maria the chance to talk to Genevieve again. He had her pack up and leave Regality Gardens right
away.As he watched Maria leave, he warned, “You’d better do as she said, Maria. Don’t even try
contacting the guy who threatened you earlier. If you do, I will make you regret doing that for the rest of
your life.”Maria saw how emotionless his gaze was and trembled violently. She bowed to him, then
entered the elevator with her luggage.Armand closed the door and entered the house, only to see that
Genevieve was no longer in the pantry.He walked down the corridor and made his way to the
bedroom.Maria had kept the house clean over the past few days. The curtains in the bedroom
remained open. Bright, natural light streamed into the room, making it seem so pleasant.Just then, he
heard the noise of a wooden material being smashed onto a marble surface from the bathroom and
hurried over.When he entered, he saw Genevieve smashing a copper-colored violin underneath the
sink. The strings on the violin had already broken, but she did not stop there as she gave it another
smash. She used so much force that a loud thud could be heard this time.The wooden frame of the
violin broke into pieces, and it looked so broken that anyone would feel bad for it.Some time ago,
Genevieve had fine-tuned the strings on that violin, so Armand could recognize that it was the violin
that she had asked Cooper to retrieve for her. She had claimed that it was a birthday gift from her
father.Even the song she had gifted him with seemed to have been composed with that violin.Armand
frowned deeply when he thought about the reason she smashed that violin. He hurried to her and
grabbed her wrist.“Genevieve, why are you smashing it?”
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