Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 231

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&#lt;p&#gt; Destroy Everything Marilyn Cares AboutAfter that, Genevieve hung up the phone first,
ignoring whatever Samantha’s reaction was.She placed her phone on the table and raised the glass of
fruit tea to her lips, taking a sip. Not long after, Cooper entered the garden.He sat beside her. “Have
you sent the video to Samantha?”“Yes. She got mad as soon as she saw it.” Genevieve’s red lips
curled up slightly. “She said she knows why I wanted to marry Armand and that it’s easy to deal with
me since I come from a poor family background.”Cooper sipped on his cup of coffee, though it was
already cold. “Armand didn’t sign a marriage contract with you. That’s why you didn’t divorce him.”It
was not a question; it was a statement.“Armand is the head of the Faulkner family, one of the four most
powerful families in Xedells. He’s also the boss of Central Group. Not only is he powerful, but he also
has a net worth of hundreds of billions. On top of that, he’s someone Marilyn cares about the most.”
Seeing Cooper had guessed everything, Genevieve did not bother hiding the truth anymore. “I want to
borrow his power to destroy the Wood family and everything Marilyn cares about.”When Patrick died in
her arms, a part of her soul had gone with him, too.I was too stupid.She knew she was only
collaborating with Armand. In fact, everything was written clearly in the agreement. Yet, she still
believed every explanation he gave and actually developed feelings for him.In return, she paid a
devastating price.Even so, she still remained by Armand’s side, forcing herself to endure it every time
Armand touched her. She merely did all that to get her revenge.A few months ago, both Cooper and
Genevieve met at a dinner party after their divorce. At the time, Cooper realized Genevieve had
changed.And now, Cooper realized Genevieve had changed again.Her attitude toward Armand made
Cooper a little happy yet fearful at the same time.Having grown up with Genevieve, he knew
Genevieve meant it when she said she did not love someone anymore. No matter what the other
person did to win back her heart, she would not give in.Cooper could also sense that her love for
Armand was deeper than her love for him.The fact that she could be so heartless toward Armand—a
man she used to love so much—meant that her chances of returning to Cooper were slim.Cooper felt a
sense of panic in his heart. He opened his mouth and said in a hoarse voice, “I’ll deal with these
matters. You must not dirty your hands… Genev, I just hope I can do something for you.”He regretted&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;all the harmful things he had done to Genevieve and wanted to make it up to her.Genevieve smiled and
played with the ring on her finger. “I want to avenge Patrick on my own. I don’t care if my hands get
dirty. Besides, Samantha alone is enough to keep you busy.”She had lost a lot of weight recently. Thus,
her fingers had gotten slimmer, allowing her to remove the wedding ring easily.If it had not been for the
ring, she would have left the country with Patrick long ago.Several seconds later, Genevieve removed
the ring and handed it to Cooper. “This is the wedding ring Old Mrs. Faulkner gave me and Armand.
Could you please send someone to take this to Marilyn? I’m sure she’ll love it.”“Okay.” Cooper took the
ring from her.Meanwhile, at Central Group, Armand, who had been in a two-hour meeting, rubbed his
temples, feeling tired. Just as he returned to the CEO’s office and sat down, the door was pushed
open.Samantha stormed into the office with her heels clicking loudly on the floor.“I know Genevieve’s
blood type is special, and you married her because of that. Doesn’t the hospital have two bags of her
blood already?” Samantha bent over slightly and tapped her fingers on the table as she frowned,
exuding an intimidating aura. “I want you to divorce Genevieve right now! She really doesn’t know her
place at all. How dare she attack my driver and even send that kind of video to me?”Armand had an
idea of what the video was just by looking at Samantha’s grim expression.He said plainly, “No matter
what the reason I married Genevieve is, we are legally married. Aunt Samantha, you know Genevieve
is my wife, yet you sent someone to give Queenie those illegal drugs. On top of that, you even
instigated Queenie to take nudes of Genevieve. When your plan failed, you made a move on
Genevieve’s housekeeper, wanting to sabotage my relationship with her by making the housekeeper
put poison in Genevieve’s food.”His voice was deep and had traces of hostility.His cold gaze stared
deep into Samantha’s eyes. “Aunt Samantha, what are you trying to do?”
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