Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 241

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&#lt;p&#gt; Armand Is My Husband
&#lt;p&#gt;“Genevieve, they’re saying you had something to do with the sudden death of Old Mrs. Faulkner. Why
were you at the Faulkner residence?” asked one of her colleagues.Genevieve fell silent for a moment
before saying, “Would you guys believe me if I told you that Mr. Faulkner is my husband?”They had
considered that possibility when they saw how Genevieve’s ring matched Armand’s, but they dismissed
that thought due to the huge difference between the two.Because they were clearly worlds apart, no
one believed Genevieve when she actually told them about it.One of her colleagues even laughed at
her as she said, “Hahaha! You sure are a funny one, Genevieve! If you’re Mr. Faulkner’s wife, then I’m
his second wife!”The other colleagues laughed along with her when they heard that.“I just wanted to
lighten up the mood for you guys!” Genevieve felt her heart ache when she recalled how Harriet looked
during her time of death, and she tightened her grip on her mug as she continued, “Marilyn used to
teach me the violin, so she’s kind of my teacher too. I went over to the Faulkner residence because she
invited me over for coffee. Who would’ve known Old Mrs. Faulkner would have an accident like that all
of a sudden? Her death has nothing to do with me, though!”“But why would the police come after you if
you had nothing to do with it? I heard the car got hijacked while you were being taken to the police
station, and you ran away after that.”Everything they’ve heard is from the news reports. No pictures of
that incident have been leaked.With that in mind, Genevieve said, “That’s all untrue. You know how the
media loves coming up with stuff to gain views, right? The police came to the Faulkner residence and
interviewed everyone after Old Mrs. Faulkner died, but no one was taken to the police station. I got
drenched by the rain on my way back, so I ended up catching a cold. Combine that with my injured
vocal cords, and I have been suffering…”She then glanced at them and asked after a brief pause,
“Think about it, would I have been able to show up for work today if I were truly responsible for Old Mrs.
Faulkner’s death?”She’s right! That’s Mr. Faulkner’s grandma we’re talking about! Rumor has it that
he’s Old Mrs. Faulkner’s favorite grandson, so he’d definitely go after Genevieve if she truly did cause
her death!“The media sure is despicable! Not only did they make baseless accusations, but they even
published edited photographs!” one of the colleagues exclaimed at the thought of that.“I know,&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;right?”As all of Genevieve’s explanations made perfect sense, her colleagues stopped suspecting her
and quickly gossiped about something else.However, the topic of their conversation took a turn for the
worse as they started asking about her second husband’s identity.Since it was time for lunch,
Genevieve used that as an excuse to avoid answering their questions.As she headed over to the
cafeteria with her colleagues, those from the other departments recognized her and began murmuring
among themselves.Genevieve pretended to not hear them and simply ordered her food like she always
did.After sitting down at a table, the colleagues began to gossip about the latest celebrity news while
Genevieve listened in on the conversation.Due to being deaf in her left ear, Genevieve was oblivious to
the surrounding colleagues asking, “Isn’t that Mr. Sutton from Specter Corporation? What’s he doing
here?”It wasn’t until a tall figure stood beside her and tapped on the table that Genevieve realized
someone was there.“What are you doing at Central Group?” she asked in surprise when she saw that it
was Cooper.“To discuss business.” Cooper adjusted his glasses as he continued, “The discussion
ended when it was time for lunch, so the secretarial department let me have lunch here before
leaving.”“Huh? Mr. Faulkner invited you over?” Genevieve thought she had misheard him.
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