Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 242

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&#lt;p&#gt; Letting Him Have Lunch With Her
&#lt;p&#gt;Cooper then asked his assistant Christopher to buy him lunch before telling the other colleagues with a
smile, “Sorry, but I’d like to have a private conversation with Genev here.”His handsome appearance
and glasses made him look like a gentleman despite his evil deeds.He looked so attractive that he
even charmed one of her colleagues with his smile.They nodded and quickly moved over to another
table but kept their gaze fixated on the two as they gossiped among each other.“I have a feeling that
Cooper didn’t actually come here to discuss business. I think he’s here to see Genevieve!”“The way he
looked at her was so kind and gentle! Do you think they’re getting remarried soon?”“Wait, who is
Genevieve’s new husband? Could it be that she actually remarried Cooper and is simply keeping it a
secret?”“That does sound possible…”As Genevieve’s colleagues continued to gossip about them,
Cooper pulled up a chair and sat down in front of Genevieve.“Armand has an uncle named Peter
Faulkner. His men have caught Erica and found lots of classified documents belonging to Specter
Corporation. He even has pictures of me and Erica,” he said softly.“What kind of documents? Would it
cause damage to the company?” Genevieve asked.“I got worried about Erica making copies of the
company’s classified documents when I couldn’t find her back then, so I had my men handle the
situation as soon as possible. Fortunately, she didn’t cause too much damage. After that, Peter sent
me some of the pictures and asked me to meet him in Xedells. Said he wanted to discuss business
with me,” Cooper replied.“According to the financial news, someone from the Faulkner family has
bought shares in Specter Corporation,” Genevieve said as she recalled asking Armand in Springwyn if
he had bought those shares.Armand claimed that it wasn’t him who did it.Cooper nodded. “It was Peter
who purchased those shares. He now holds six percent of Specter Corporation’s shares, making him
one of the company’s shareholders.”Their conversation was interrupted when Christopher came over
with his lunch. He then placed the food down on the table and handed them two glasses of iced lemon
tea.Cooper put a straw in one of the glasses and placed it next to Genevieve as he continued, “I was
wondering why Peter would take an interest in Specter Corporation when there were tons of other
companies in Jadeborough. I later found out that he deliberately invested in Specter Corporation&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;because he knew about you marrying Armand.”Being a fairly smart woman, Genevieve easily figured
out what he was implying. “So, he’s planning on using you to go after Armand?”“Correct. In order to
consolidate the Faulkner family, Armand’s father married a third wife after becoming the head of the
family. As you know, Cesar later died in a plane crash. Since the higher-ups in Faulkner Group were on
Peter’s side, everyone assumed he should take over the company. However, Old Mrs. Faulkner said
Peter’s old-fashioned management methods simply weren’t suitable for Faulkner Group. She believed
that the company needed innovation, so she ignored their objections and put Armand in charge
instead. With the exception of Samantha, Armand removed all of Peter’s supporters from the board of
shareholders after inheriting the company,” Cooper replied while munching on his food.Genevieve had
done some digging on the Faulkner family in order to better understand them, but the information she
managed to find was quite limited.As such, she gasped in shock when she heard what Cooper
said.Peter had always hated Armand for taking over the company, so the latter mercilessly removing
the former’s supporters only fueled his hatred even further.Instead of asking Cooper what Peter had
told him and how he would go against Armand, Genevieve simply sipped on her iced lemon tea as she
asked, “What about that thing I had you look into? Did you manage to find any information?”“I’ve
already sent it to you on WhatsApp,” Cooper replied.Genevieve instantly put her fork down and
checked the message on her phone.Noticing the tiny chunks of carrot in her food, Cooper picked them
out and ate them on the spot.The surrounding employees of Central Group had been eyeing them the
whole time, so they were shocked when they saw what happened.Timothy happened to be buying
lunch in the cafeteria at the time, so he caught sight of Cooper eating Genevieve’s food.Huh… How
interesting…Timothy secretly recorded a short clip of it before leaving with his food.
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