Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 249

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&#lt;p&#gt; Arrived Just In Time
&#lt;p&#gt;Armand gulped when he realized she was treating those words as her last words. “You can take
revenge yourself! Wait for me, okay? I’ll be there within twenty minutes. Keep driving safely,
Genevieve…”After saying a few more sentences, he suddenly noticed that he could no longer hear
Genevieve breathing through the phone. He only realized the call had ended after checking his phone.
Why did the call end so suddenly? Did her phone run out of battery?Armand cursed out loud and got
onto his vehicle. He then sped off without a moment’s hesitation.While driving he dialed Steven’s
number.When the call ended abruptly, Genevieve thought Armand couldn’t make up his mind. How
could he prioritize Marilyn and her child over his own child? Whoever ends up being his child in the
future is cursed.Prior to that, she felt a sense of despair overwhelming her because she was stuck in
the car. After the call, however, she felt rather at peace. Well, perhaps it’s good that I die. I don’t have
any relatives or kids. Heck, I don’t even have loved ones. It seems like I’m bound to break the promise
I’ve made to Patrick.It was already past midnight at that point, and she was the only one on that road.
Due to how empty the spacious road was, one couldn’t help but find it eerie.Genevieve kept her hands
steady on the steering wheel and let the car speed forward. From time to time, she would also peek at
the timer.Thirteen minutes and twenty seconds.Eight minutes and ten seconds.Three minutes and five
seconds.As the car moved further away from the city, the time shown on the timer became
lesser.Genevieve was just waiting for it to hit zero.I wonder if I would still be recognizable after getting
burnt severely…Right at that moment, Genevieve heard the sound of a motorcycle approaching from
behind. When she looked in her rear-view mirror, she saw a superbike closing in on her at high
speed.After a few seconds, the motorcycle had arrived on the right side of her car. The motorcyclist
then reduced its speed to match the car’s.Genevieve was stunned. Before she could think about who it
was, she saw the rider taking off his helmet to reveal his chiseled face.Upon seeing that face,
Genevieve froze on the spot. Armand? Did he ride all the way here?Armand brought his motorcycle
closer to the car before leaning over to knock on the window.By the time Genevieve had rolled the
window all the way down, Armand’s motorcycle was just inches from the car.The moment he grabbed&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;onto the car window, the left rear wheel of the car exploded all of a sudden. When that happened, the
steering wheel started turning frantically. As a result, the car spun and knocked the motorcycle
away.Before the motorcycle was knocked aside, Armand managed to let go of the handle in time. In a
split second, he grabbed the car window and climbed into the passenger seat.At the same time,
Genevieve tried her best to steady the car and was relieved when she finally managed to stabilize it.
However, she noticed that the time on the timer was almost up.She wanted to say something, but it
seemed like Armand hadn’t noticed the timer at all. With a solemn expression, he instructed, “Move the
car to the side of the road and slow it down.”With that, he whipped out a small knife and leaned toward
her to grab the seatbelt and cut it.As Genevieve steered the car toward the side of the road, they heard
a screeching sound when the wheels scratched against the curb. At the same time, the numbers on the
timer ticked down faster.Twenty seconds.Fifteen seconds.After Armand cut through the seatbelt, he
immediately opened the car door on Genevieve’s side. He put a helmet on for her before taking off his
jacket to wrap her body up in it.Then, he shoved her out of the car.Genevieve hit the ground and rolled
on the road painfully for several seconds before coming to a stop. Since she had a helmet on, she
didn’t suffer any heavy injuries to her head.Struggling to get up from the ground, she then took off her
helmet and saw a figure jumping out of the speeding car.Armand rolled on the ground for a while before
standing up and running toward her.With a sudden bang, the car exploded, and a flash of light
illuminated the air.
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