Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 250

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&#lt;p&#gt; Doctor Jensen
&#lt;p&#gt;The force of the explosion almost sent Armand flying.He mustered all his strength to run toward
Genevieve. Right before he could reach her, a metal shard shot out from the explosion and penetrated
the back of his head.Grunting in pain, he threw himself on Genevieve to push her to the ground. He
even placed his hand behind her head to prevent her from cracking her skull open.The loud explosion
had Genevieve’s right ear buzzing so loudly that she couldn’t hear anything.As she was in Armand’s
embrace, she could smell his scent and the faint coppery stench of blood.When she tried to wriggle her
way out of his embrace, she saw him frowning, and it seemed like he was in pain. At the same time, his
face had turned pale. Droplets of blood were flowing down from his hair and landing on her
face.“Armand, where are you hurt?” Genevieve yelled.Suddenly, a droplet of his blood landed in her
eyes and blurred her vision.She wiped the blood away and saw Armand’s lips moving.Unfortunately,
she still couldn’t hear him. All she could tell by reading his lips was the word, “Want.”When Genevieve
saw the state Armand was in, she didn’t feel the satisfaction of revenge. Instead, she was freaking out
as the sharp scent of blood assaulted her senses relentlessly.At last, she managed to get out of his
embrace and saw a metal shard buried into the back of his head. Blood was gushing out of the wound
continuously.Genevieve dared not touch it, fearing that she would make things worse.She then
searched his body for a phone with her trembling hands. However, she didn’t find one on him.Growing
increasingly panicked, she hunted around the vicinity for her phone. Soon, she found it on the ground
nearby, and to her surprise, it could still light up.However, the screen was badly damaged, so she
couldn’t key in her password.“Sh*t! Why is it not working?” Genevieve cursed.At that point, she could
not stop her tears from rolling down her cheeks and dripping on the cracked screen.Fortunately,
Steven, who was right behind Armand, had arrived.Despite being a man in his thirties, when Steven
saw the state Armand was in, his eyes still reddened.After helping Genevieve carry Armand into the
car, Steven floored the accelerator and rushed to the hospital.Genevieve took Steven’s phone and
called Timothy. She told him to get to the hospital right away to wait for their arrival.After hanging up,
Genevieve accidentally touched Armand’s arm and noticed that his body temperature was decreasing&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;rapidly. She immediately held his hands tightly and blew on them so that she could warm him up. In the
meantime, her fingers were trembling uncontrollably.Luckily, it was in the middle of the night, so the
roads were empty.Steven drove as fast as he could and arrived at the hospital within ten minutes.When
the medical personnel saw Armand covered in blood, they immediately yelled for their colleagues to
bring them a gurney. After putting Armand onto the gurney with his back facing up, they rushed him to
an operating room.Genevieve followed the gurney all the way to the entrance of the operating room.
Before they could bring him in, she stopped them by holding onto the gurney.“What are you doing?” a
nurse fumed. “Don’t you see the injury on his head? Do you want him to die?”“Wait for Dr. Jensen.”
Genevieve held onto the gurney tightly. She had also placed one of her feet before the entrance of the
operating room to block them from entering.“Dr. Jensen is an orthopedist! The patient has a brain
injury!” the nurse thundered. “Besides, the patient will die before Dr. Jensen gets here!”“I said, wait for
Dr. Jensen. If he dies, I’ll commit suicide here and die with him.” Genevieve stared at the nurse calmly
and enunciated the words slowly.Upon hearing those words, all the medical staff, including the nurse,
were stunned.Steven then arrived at the scene in a rush. He didn’t say anything when he heard what
Genevieve said. Instead, he blocked the entrance to the operating room as well. “Mrs. Faulkner said
we should wait for Dr. Jensen. In that case, we shall wait for Dr. Jensen.”
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