Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 256

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&#lt;p&#gt; How Can This BeAfraid that the media reporters would not believe her, Mirrin Pinkard
even revealed the name of the private hospital where she had delivered her baby, the one and only
photo she had with her baby, and the record of her transaction with Isabella Rudler.Those pieces of
solid evidence stunned the rest of the world.After all, who would have thought that the Faulkner family,
one of the four prestigious families of Xedells, would have a scandal like that?Genevieve was rendered
speechless for a long time by the two clips that did not even last five minutes in total.Armand isn’t the
Faulkner family’s child? How can that be?A long while later, Genevieve turned to look at Steven, who
was standing at the side.“I just saw someone say that Armand isn’t the Faulkner family’s child. A
woman who seems like his biological mother came out to tell the media that Armand is a child she had
with her client. She even revealed the name of the hospital where she delivered the baby… Is this true,
Steven?” Genevieve tightened her grip on her phone. “Is this real, or is someone trying to cause a
ruckus?”“It’s true,” Steven told her with a nod. “Mr. Faulkner has known about this since a long time
ago. He has used Isabella’s hair for a test, and he has found out that the two are not related by
blood.”“I’m guessing that Peter and the others know this before the news spread,” Genevieve mumbled
as she thought about the demeanor Peter and the others had after they went to the operating room.
“That’s why they seem so indifferent when they found out that Armand needed a blood transfusion and
even after finding out that Armand can’t wake. It’s because they know Armand’s not a Faulkner.”When
they learned that an escort’s son had gained control over the Faulkner family and Faulkner Group, they
were resentful. They badly wanted to get the Faulkner family back from him.Armand did not have the
same blood as theirs running in his veins, so they would rather have him die as early as possible.“Yes.”
Steven nodded again.He then turned to look at the man on the bed and whispered, “Mr. Faulkner
defended Marilyn despite her various attempts to take your life. Did you think that it was because Mr.
Faulkner still had feelings for her? The answer is actually no. It’s because Mr. Samuel was the one who
found out that Mr. Faulkner isn’t a real Faulkner. Not only did Mr. Samuel find out that Mr. Faulkner’s
mother was an escort, but he even found out that Isabella was the one who orchestrated his father’s
aviation accident.”“What?” Genevieve blurted out in shock.In the next few minutes, Genevieve found&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;out from Steven about certain matters between Armand and Samuel.She also learned about why
Armand had that bullet wound on him.Even though Samuel and Armand did not have the same mother,
the two were close to each other since young. It was as if the two were not half-brothers, but at the end
of the day, the Faulkner family was too big.Cesar Faulkner had three wives and numerous children.
Each of his wives was scheming to get better things for their families.His first wife gave birth to three
sons, but her youngest son became intellectually stunted after an episode of high fever. From then on,
he had been living in a sanatorium. As her eldest son was not proficient in business, Cesar’s first wife
placed all her hope on her third son, Samuel.Back then, Cesar was biased toward Armand. He was
raising Armand as his heir.Naturally, Cesar’s first wife would not accept that. She coerced Samuel to
set Armand up. That explosion fractured all of Armand’s bones and nearly blinded him permanently.
Later on, regretful about what he had done, Samuel did everything he could to make up to Armand. He
even secretly transferred all of his shares of Faulkner Group to Armand.After that, the company that
Armand established—Central Group—did fantastically, so he ended up spending most of his time at
Jadeborough, rarely returning to Xedells.When Samuel found out that his father’s death had not been
an accident but was manmade, he followed up on the clues and found that Isabella could not bear
children. At the same time, he found out that Armand was a child that she had brought into the family to
secure her position and Armand’s biological mother’s identity.When Cesar’s first wife discovered that
Samuel had given all of his Faulkner Group’s shares to Armand, she was livid. She sent men to
secretly alter Armand’s car. When Samuel found out about that, he went to Armand and exchanged his
car with his.Before he died, Samuel told Armand all of his findings from his investigation and asked him
to keep Marilyn safe.
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