Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 262

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&#lt;p&#gt; A Complete Win
&#lt;p&#gt;“So what if you’re married to him? It doesn’t mean that Armand’s company is yours.” Samantha
sneered. “Don’t you know why Armand married you? Armand signed a premarital agreement with you
before your marriage, right?”Genevieve’s red lips curled. “No, he didn’t.”Samantha paled, and she
raised her voice. “How can that be?”“I know better than you what Armand has said to me when I
married him, Ms. Samantha.” Genevieve gave her a smile. “You’ve got quite a lot of informants, don’t
you? He can’t possibly have kept this a secret from you, hm?”When Genevieve heard nothing else
from Samantha, she turned away from her.After putting her hands on the table, she calmly continued,
“My husband, Armand Faulkner, has to be hospitalized for a long time because of injuries to his brain.
While he is in the hospital, I will be the one in charge of his assets.”“Armand has already made a will.”
Marilyn threw the document at Genevieve. “The shares he has of Central Group belongs to my chi
—”Before Marilyn could finish her sentence, Genevieve, who had speed-read the document, coldly
interrupted, “Have you given birth to your child yet? Are you actually asking for the shares on behalf of
your unborn child now? Do you not see me as a person? If you can give birth to the child right now,
we’ll go according to the will and hand you all of his shares.”Marilyn was still a while away from her
expected delivery date.However, Genevieve’s words made her so furious that the baby in her began
moving aggressively. In response, Marilyn quickly put a hand on her stomach.“She hasn’t given birth to
the baby, but I’m Armand’s biological mother.” The smoking Mirrin slowly raised her hand. With a smile,
she said, “I have to have half of my son’s shares.”Genevieve looked up and gave her an icy glance.
“Are you his mother just because you said so? Has he seen you before? Does he know who you
are?”Mirrin dropped the smile. “Of course I am. I can—”“You can do a maternity test, right?” Genevieve
completed her sentence for her before smiling. “Sure, head to the hospital and do a maternity report
with my husband another day. We’ll talk about this again when the results are out. Right now, you’re
just an outsider, so what right do you have to lord over others in my husband’s company?”“Steven,”
Genevieve then called out to Steven. “Please send these irrelevant people out of the conference
room.”“Understood.”After a nod, Steven summoned a few bodyguards to escort Marilyn and Isabella&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;out of the room.At the same time, he grabbed Mirrin and towed her out of the conference room.Mirrin
stumbled along with wide eyes, and she kept thrashing the entire way. “Hey, hey, I’m Armand’s
biological mother—”Thump! The door to the conference room closed.The shareholders, as well as
Peter, stared at the closed door for a moment before turning to look at Genevieve. Neither could form
any words for a while.The conference room had fallen silent.What an impressive woman. She has
defeated the two women who were competing for Armand’s shares in mere minutes!Noticing the tense
silence in the room, Wilfred cleared his throat and said to Genevieve, “If Mr. Faulkner has not signed
any premarital agreement with you, Mrs. Faulkner, you’ll have the full rights to his assets.”“Thank you.”
Genevieve nodded.She then swept her gaze across the shareholders before saying, “I overheard the
voting when I was at the doorway of the conference room. I heard that you were voting to make Mr.
Peter Faulkner the new CEO of Central Group. Now, I would like to do a revote. Add me to the list of
candidates.”“You?” Peter’s brows twitched. “Genevieve, stop now that you have Armand’s shares.
Managing a company is no child’s play. I heard that you majored in translation and know nothing about
finance. You can’t even keep your father’s company afloat, but now you’re here to intervene in Central
Group’s affairs?”
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