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Chapter 264

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&#lt;p&#gt; Willing To Give Her A Chance
&#lt;p&#gt;At Peter’s argument, the shareholders instinctively swung their gazes at Genevieve.In truth, the man’s
words made much sense. Genevieve didn’t major in finance, and her experience was pitifully
negligible. Managing a company was no joke, after all.During the revote, half of the shareholders voted
for Genevieve because they were Central Group’s veterans. Aware of her relationship with Armand,
they knew that she was representing the man.However, they were still businessmen who only had
profit in their eyes. As such, they would entrust the company to whoever could make money for
them.As they studied the young and inexperienced Genevieve, they all reflected upon their hasty
decisions just now.In fact, they were seriously contemplating whether to have another revote.Seeing
that Peter was swaying the shareholders to his side, Cooper couldn’t help worrying on Genevieve’s
behalf. He was just about to riposte when Genevieve gestured at him.Hmm? She has a solution?He
closed his mouth and leaned back against his chair.Genevieve swept her gaze over everyone.
Lowering her eyes, she commented mildly, “I don’t have experience managing a company, but I can
learn. I also believe that Central Group’s executives will help me. Fellow shareholders, you have been
holding shares here since my husband founded the company, and that hasn’t changed to this day.
Now, I’m temporarily taking over the company on behalf of my husband. When he regains
consciousness, all of you will still be shareholders, and the company will still be his. However…”She
deliberately paused for a moment before continuing, “If Central Group were handed over to someone
else to manage, it’d be difficult to tell how many old shareholders will be left and whether the company
would still belong to my husband in the future.”At once, Peter’s expression changed imperceptibly.
”What do you mean by that, Genevieve? You think I’d sabotage Central Group?”Harrumphing, he
sneered, “What a joke! Although Armand isn’t my biological nephew, he was still raised by the Faulkner
family. In fact, he addresses me as ‘Uncle Peter.’ I feel sorry that such a thing befell him, and I’m all the
more worried that there isn’t anyone to manage Central Group, leading to internal collapse gradually.
That’s why I promised Samantha to come over to help. Yet, you’re doubting me? I used to be in charge
of Faulkner Group in the past, and I had the company’s profits doubling every year. You can verify it by&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;flipping through Faulkner Group’s financial reports!”It wasn’t until he had finished speaking that
Genevieve unhurriedly replied, “Mr. Peter, I can tell how capable you are from financial magazines, so
I’m not going to doubt your business acumen. But no matter how hard you try to keep some things
hidden, they’re still public knowledge.”The second utterance from her was exceedingly obscure, but the
shareholders were well-connected and shrewd, so they were more or less aware of all happenings in
the business world, regardless of their magnitudes.Indeed, Peter helped Faulkner Group make a lot of
profit while he was in charge of the company.Nonetheless, that was a pittance compared to the amount
of money he embezzled from the company.Worse still, he even led his men to collude with forces from
abroad, secretly sabotaging the relationship between Xedells and the mainland. In doing so, he made a
fortune.If Armand hadn’t employed swift and ruthless methods to eliminate all of Peter’s forces in the
company after taking office and righted the Faulkner family’s stance, the century-old family wouldn’t
exist anymore in a few more years if Peter’s forces were allowed to grow further.Central Group’s
shareholders didn’t dare imagine the tactics Peter would use to arrange for his men to infiltrate the
company and kick them out after gaining control of Central Group.At that line of thought, they all
trembled inwardly.“A revote isn’t necessary!” Central Group’s biggest shareholder declared before
Peter could say anything.In response, Samantha narrowed her eyes a fraction. “Don’t joke, Mr. Lebon.
Central Group is a company with a market value of hundreds of billions. If she were to really take over
the company, the shares in our hands might soon become a pile of worthless paper!”Landon Lebon’s
expression remained calm and unruffled. “Genevieve said she can learn and isn’t afraid of hard work.
Besides, Central Group’s employees will teach her. I’m willing to give her a chance.”
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