Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 266

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&#lt;p&#gt; Dare Not Marry Such A Violent Woman
&#lt;p&#gt;Cooper keenly sensed that it was merely an excuse made up by Armand, but he didn’t ask further.
Instead, he signed the document right away.“Why?” Genevieve queried in puzzlement.Playing with a
Rubik’s cube, Timothy drawled, “Why else could it be? Armand previously drew up a will, leaving all his
shares of Central Group to Marilyn’s children. Later, he must have felt that something would happen if
he gave so many shares to them, so he had me and Cooper buy some from him.”Genevieve could
understand Armand selling his shares of Central Group to Timothy, but she couldn’t fathom why he
could do the same to Cooper.Just as she was deep in contemplation while sipping coffee, the
conference room door was pushed open. Steven tossed Mirrin in unceremoniously.Then, he shut the
door firmly.Mirrin stumbled forward a few steps forward. When she regained her footing, she
immediately glanced back over her shoulder at Steven.A hint of displeasure stained her alluring face.
“I’m Armand’s biological mother! I won’t show you an iota of mercy the next time you drag around me
like that!”It was as though Steven didn’t hear her, for he merely kept guard at the conference room door
with an icy expression.Fluffing her hair, Mirrin headed toward Genevieve smilingly. “My dear daughter-
in-law, I just knew that you must have something to discuss with me that you asked someone to bring
me here alone. Well, go on and say it. Are you planning to give me shares or money?”While asking
that, she pulled out the chair on her left and sat down.Genevieve automatically ignored the woman’s
address of her. In an even voice, she questioned, “Why did you take the initiative to make an
appearance before the media and reveal that you’re Armand’s biological mother?”Twirling a finger
around her curly chestnut hair, Mirrin lazily leaned back against the chair.“For the money, of course!
Just imagine this. You gave birth to a son, and he grew up to be a billionaire. Wouldn’t you want to tell
the whole world that he’s your son when he’s so capable? Even if you don’t, I do! I never thought that
my only son actually turned out to be so incredible! God has really blessed me greatly!” she gushed
joyfully.Timothy was wholly sickened at the sight of the woman’s money-grubbing ways.“Indeed. Who
wouldn’t want to show off for a bit after giving birth to such a son?” Genevieve chuckled.Her hand
slipped on the coffee cup, and it fell to the floor, shattering into a thousand pieces.Steven wanted to&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;step forward to clean the mess, but Genevieve waved a dismissive hand at him. She then crouched
and picked up the shards herself.With her head lowered, she remarked, “Considering your identity at
present, Mdm. Pinkard, the journalists will never believe you so easily even if you were to tell the media
that you’re Armand’s biological mother. Who told you to do this?”She stood up and stared at Mirrin
frostily.“What’s wrong with my identity?” Mirrin muttered before declaring, “I’ve been with Ambrosia for
twenty years and have always been the most popular escort there. Everyone in Xedells knows of
me…”As she rambled, Genevieve suddenly grabbed her right hand and pressed it down against the
conference table. In the next heartbeat, she ruthlessly stabbed the shard of the coffee cup she held in
her hand into the back of the woman’s hand.A jet of warm blood spurted out and splattered on her cool
and stunning face.“Oh my God!” Sheer horror struck Timothy at Genevieve’s unexpected action, and
he almost fell off the chair.As far as he remembered, she had always been a gentle and lovely
beauty.Right then, however, his impression of her changed drastically.Scooting back up the chair, he
clutched his heart that almost leaped out of his chest from fright and surreptitiously whispered to
Cooper, “Had Genevieve also exhibited such a brutal side of hers in the past? I was initially thinking
that I’d take her if you all weren’t interested since she’s so beautiful, b-but who would marry someone
like her?”With lingering fear, he stammered, “If I were to displease her somehow one day, she might
stab me right in the heart! I dare not marry such a violent woman like her. Sorry!”
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