Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 267

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&#lt;p&#gt; I Am Not Negotiating With You
&#lt;p&#gt;Eyeing Timothy, Cooper scoffed with a half-smile, “Genev has no interest in someone like you.”At that,
Timothy was rendered speechless.Back when the Rachford family still existed, Cooper once witnessed
someone from the elite circles with a foul mouth slandering Genevieve, dealing her a considerable
blow.When he accompanied her to a party and bumped into that socialite, she pinned the person to the
ground and pummeled her relentlessly until she wailed and apologized non-stop.He had seen her
beating someone up without any mercy, but it was the first time he had ever seen her acting so
brutal.Mirrin stared at the shard from the coffee cup in the back of her hand blankly. A few seconds
later, pain spread all over her body.She was in such agony that her face seemingly contorted beyond
recognition.“Ahh!” she shrieked at long last.Genevieve was unaffected by the woman’s ear-piercing
scream, her expression as calm as ever.Subsequently, she picked up another shard of the coffee cup
from the ground and held it in her palm.Throughout it all, her other hand was still pressing down hard
against Mirrin’s wrist. “If you don’t answer me, Mdm. Pinkard, this shard of glass will also end up in the
back of your hand. How about switching to your left hand this time?”“I’ll talk, I’ll talk! It was Mrs.
Faulkner who told me to do so!” Mirrin hastily answered, afraid that she would put her threat into
action.“Why does she want you to do that?” Genevieve couldn’t quite figure it out.Even if Armand isn’t
Isabella’s child, she brought him back to the Faulkner residence and raised him for more than thirty
years. With him heading the Faulkner family, isn’t she enjoying infinite wealth and glory? Why does she
suddenly want to reveal his background and side with Peter?“How would I know that? She was the one
who sought me out!”Enduring the excruciating pain radiating off the back of her hand, Mirrin continued,
“She apprised me of when the journalist would seek me out and told me to admit that Armand was my
son. That’s my biological son, so I’m naturally delighted that she’d do such a thing for me! I’ve told you
everything I know. Can you please remove your hand? I spend a fortune on my hands every month to
keep them in top-notch shape. Ouch! That hurts!”Genevieve didn’t remove her hand. Instead, she
asked, “Is Armand really your biological son?”“Of course, he is! If you don’t believe me, I don’t mind
doing a DNA test with him right now!” Mirrin whimpered in pain as she spoke.Since she dared propose&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;a DNA test, Genevieve knew that the matter of Armand being her son was definitely true.However,
something still felt off.Sweeping a gaze over the woman’s enticing and well-maintained face, she
couldn’t shake off the feeling that she was missing an important clue.Alas, she simply couldn’t
remember what it was.Quickly, Genevieve dropped her hold on Mirrin and asked Cooper, “Did you
bring your check book?”Cooper nodded. “Yeah.”Genevieve then had the man issue a check and
handed it to Mirrin. “Here’s forty million. Take this check and leave the country by two o’clock this
afternoon. You can go anywhere you want. Keep your mouth sealed and do not tell anyone else or any
journalist that you’re Armand’s biological mother!”“Just forty million? Back then, Isabella gave me
eighty million!”Her hand, on which protruded a shard of glass, was still hurting and bleeding, but Mirrin
started arguing with Genevieve over the paltry amount.“I’m not negotiating with you, Mdm. Pinkard. I’m
telling you to take the money and get out of the country. Or do you want me to have someone send you
abroad?” Genevieve stared at her, the look in her eyes glacial.A chill ran down Mirrin’s back. With her
bag and the check in hand, she hurried away.Behind her, Genevieve warned, “Remember every single
word I said. If I see that you said something on the news one day, I’ll make sure that you rest in
peace.”“Y-You’re too cruel!” Mirrin muttered, but she didn’t dare turn back.As soon as Steven opened
the door, she stumblingly sprinted out.
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