Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 268

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&#lt;p&#gt; That Should Be Done By His Wife
&#lt;p&#gt;Cooper stood up and took out a handkerchief from his pocket, handing it to Genevieve. The latter took
it calmly and wiped off the blood from her face and hands.As they walked toward the elevator together,
Cooper asked Steven, “Are all the journalists here?”“They’re in Conference Hall 3,” Steven answered.
Striding to the front of the elevator, he held the elevator and gestured for Genevieve and the others to
enter first.“Hey! Don’t forget me!” Timothy hastily darted into the elevator.“When everything has been
settled, I’ll have Steven transfer that forty million back to you,” Genevieve stated, putting the bloodied
handkerchief into her pocket.Knowing that she wasn’t discussing it with him and would still have
someone transfer the money over even if he declined, Cooper nodded.“You just took over the position
of the CEO of Central Group, so you’ve got to notify the journalists about it. Then, you have to hold an
executive meeting and get acquainted with the company’s senior executives. Steven will teach you all
this.”Not only was Genevieve exceedingly calm when faced with Peter earlier, but she also later dealt
with Mirrin with poise.Thus, he believed that she would also be able to handle the press conference
well.“I know.” Genevieve’s eyes flickered for a moment before she added, “Our divorce back then
caused a huge controversy. With me at Central Group now, the media will undoubtedly latch on to
Specter Corporation.”Cooper was startled for a moment, seemingly hadn’t expected her to have started
taking that matter into consideration.In the next instant, his thin lips turned up, and he flashed her an
indulgent smile. “It’s okay. Just focus on Central Group, and I’ll handle the rest. With me here, Specter
Corporation will be fine.”“Okay.” Genevieve nodded.After the elevator arrived at the designated floor,
Steven accompanied Genevieve to the conference hall to meet the journalists.Cooper pressed the
button to close the elevator doors.Inching a few steps closer to him, Timothy lifted a hand and hooked it
around the man’s shoulder, leaning against him lazily. “What are you thinking, Mr. Sutton? You’re
divorced from your ex-wife, yet you now want to pursue her again?”“Why, is that against the law?”
Cooper nudged him with an elbow to get him to remove his hand from his shoulder.“No, of course, you
can. But I’m really curious to know why exactly you and Genevieve got a divorce.” Timothy stroked his
brow with a finger.He once asked Armand about it, but he only learned that the death of Cooper’s&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;parents had something to do with the Rachford family. Hence, Cooper lay in wait in the Rachford
residence for twenty years just to have his revenge. In fact, he was also the one who set Mr. and Mrs.
Rachford up and killed them.However, Timothy couldn’t make sense of things.His grudge with the
Rachford family runs deep, so why is he now helping Genevieve instead?Cooper didn’t answer him,
merely dipping his eyes and pinning them on the elevator control panel.It was exactly because there
was no noise around him that he could calm down and mull over everything that had happened since
Armand contacted him, as well as Landon’s remark in the conference room earlier.He felt as though
everything was preplanned by Armand.There are many capable people at Central Group. Even if
Genevieve hadn’t come over, the shareholders would have still nominated someone from among the
senior executives to be the CEO of Central Group. They wouldn’t allow Peter to poke his nose in. But
why was it that almost half the shareholders trusted Genevieve and supported her?Under his glasses,
his eyes narrowed into slits. He turned to Timothy.“Dr. Jensen, is there really no hope for Armand to
regain consciousness again?”Timothy was momentarily taken aback before he flew off his handle.
“Whoa! Are you suspecting that Armand and I are putting on a show? Are you sick in the head? You
just have to ask Genevieve how badly injured he is! Worse still, his head is injured! Do you think he’d
risk his life to put on a show?”“But you’re too calm. You’re good friends with him, yet you’re still going to
work as usual though he’s now in a coma. That aside, you even came to Central Group with me.”“So
what if we’re good friends? It’s not like we’re brothers!” Timothy scoffed.Then, he continued, “I’ve
already shed tears for him when I wheeled him out of the operating room that night. That was already
magnanimous of me! He’s in a coma, but I’ve still got to live my life. I can’t act like a helpless wife,
staying by his bedside and weeping every day, can I? Besides, that should be done by his wife,
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