Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 272

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&#lt;p&#gt; I Think You Need It
&#lt;p&#gt;It was the fourth day since Genevieve became the CEO of Central Group. Sitting in the CEO’s office,
she was busy learning the abstruse knowledge about finance by reading the pile of
documents.Surprisingly, news about her private meeting with a man in Langfield Hotel spread on the
internet.From the leaked photos, netizens could see a blurred figure coming out of a room. Also,
Genevieve was seemingly arguing with Armand in the room.Genevieve hung on tight to a blanket,
revealing her beautiful collarbones. When Genevieve looked up at Armand, she appeared nervous,
while her eyes were wet with tears.With those photos, some reporters began accusing Genevieve of
having an affair.Given that someone was behind the massive campaign to smear Genevieve’s
reputation, some netizens, who didn’t know the truth, bought into the rumors and condemned her.As
expected, the rumors indirectly affected the share prices of Specter Corporation and Central
Group.After reading the news, Genevieve asked Steven to find the security footage and extract the part
when Armand left the hotel that day.Just as Genevieve wanted to clarify it, Cooper had posted on
Twitter, saying that the incident happened after they had agreed to get a divorce.Cooper added that
both sides had signed the divorce agreement. Back then, they hadn’t visited the City Hall because they
were too occupied.When a friend told him Genevieve was with a man in a hotel, Cooper lost his mind
and brought reporters along to raise a ruckus.After that, Cooper even showed the signed divorce
agreement, including the date at the bottom of the document.Genevieve heaved a sigh of relief after
reading Cooper’s tweet.Cooper knew that Genevieve and Specter Corporation would be in trouble if
others found out that he arranged for the man to show up in the hotel. Hence, Cooper decided to forge
a divorce agreement to stop the rumors.How smart! Genevieve couldn’t help but commend Copper
deep down.After Steven sent the security footage to her, Genevieve also tweeted that the man in the
hotel was none other than Armand. At that time, they were already dating. Armand left Genevieve in
the hotel because he had to head toward the company early in the morning. They registered their
marriage at the City Hall not long after the incident.The date on the marriage certificate matched
Genevieve’s explanation.Furthermore, since the public relations department of Central Group and&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Specter Corporation quickly intervened, the news soon eclipsed.Genevieve slumped in her chair after
the mess was finally solved.Suddenly, Steven knocked on the door and came in with some
documents.Genevieve started to feel a little dizzy once she saw Steven. “Steven, please let me off.
There are dozens of documents on my desk that I haven’t read yet…”“I never expected to read
documents from morning till evening and learn about finance till eleven o’clock. I wouldn’t have agreed
to become CEO if I knew it earlier!”“What you are experiencing now means nothing.” Steven shook his
head as he put down the documents on the desk.After a while, Steven continued, “Setting aside
Central Group, Mr. Faulkner had to deal with over twenty factions within Faulkner Group and reorient
the company’s direction. Hence, he only had three hours of sleep for half a year after taking over the
company. Later, he vomited blood due to overtiredness and was hospitalized for half a
month.”Genevieve was stunned for a while before sitting up straight. “Even though Armand contributed
so much to Faulkner Group, the Faulkner family betrayed him cold-heartedly.”To the family, Armand’s
status was even lower than that of Faulkner Group’s employees.“Faulkner Group always emphasized
successors of the same bloodline over others. As such, the Faulkners dismissed Armand’s contribution
as soon as they knew he wasn’t blood-related,” Steven explained.Pointing at the documents, Steven
continued, “I’ve organized the documents based on Mr. Faulkner’s instruction. Now, I think you might
need these.”
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