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Chapter 284

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&#lt;p&#gt; Will Not Do Anything Against The Law
&#lt;p&#gt;Cooper had reached out to an executive from Wood Group. That executive had leaked the group’s
quotation to the former because of monetary benefits.Aside from that, Cooper also reminded
Genevieve that Central Group had also tendered for the project.She immediately contacted her team to
quote lower than Wood Group, and ultimately she successfully secured the project.After that matter
concluded, she learned from Cooper that Wood Group’s loss in the bid had left them in a complete
mess as they had pumped in hefty funds for that project.Genevieve could not help but secretly rejoice
that she had finally sought revenge for the incident where she drank an entire bottle of brandy at the
club.After taking over Central Group for a month, she had improved tremendously—from teetering on
her last leg to mastering all tasks.These days, she could glance through documents easily instead of
reading word by word.As Central Group’s stocks gradually stabilized, the shareholders could all finally
heave a breath of relief.That day, just as Genevieve arrived at the office and got busy with work
matters, Cooper called. “Xavier has left for Saintnam for a partnership deal. There’s only Martha alone
at home with the two housekeepers in the Wood residence.”“Got it.” She instantly understood his
meaning.Following that, she called Timothy. “Give a call to where Marilyn stays and tell her that you’ll
head over to give her a checkup at two in the afternoon. I’ll be following along too.”“I can make the
call.” Timothy snorted. “But I won’t do anything against the law!”Right after Genevieve concluded the
call, there were knocks on the door.Cassie walked in. “Ms. Rachford, there are several interviewees
here for the secretary position. Do you want to go take a look?”It was Steven’s instructions for the
secretarial department to hire another secretary before he headed overseas.It was unknown if Armand
would regain his consciousness, and for Genevieve to take over Central Group for a long period;
hence, there was a need for her to have a personal assistant.“Sure.” Since there was not too much
work on hand for her, she decided to follow Cassie to the conference room.What came within her line
of vision upon entry into the conference room were three interviewers seated behind a long table.
Opposite them were several candidates shortlisted for the final interview for the secretary position.“Ms.
Rachford.” One of the interviewers stood up and gave up her seat.Before getting seated, Genevieve&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;swept her glance across the interviewees, and among them, she spotted a familiar face.“Johanna?
Why are you here to apply for this position?”She had been occupied with work matters recently and
would only engage in a short chat with Johanna over WhatsApp occasionally. All that she learned from
the latter was that she had started work in a famous clothing company.Much to her surprise, Johanna’s
eyes lit up at once when she saw Genevieve’s presence. But she quickly raised her fist to cover her
mouth and cleared her throat. In a serious tone, she explained, “Nice to meet you, Ms. Rachford. I think
a secretary is a good profession with a promising future. And I believe the exposure will help me have a
better perspective on work.”Genevieve was nonplussed hearing that answer. She lifted her fingers and
pointed to Johanna. “She’s the one. She can get to work right away. I’ll take her around to learn more
about Central Group.”Cassie nodded in acknowledgment. “All right. I’ll help her get the onboarding
procedures done.”With that, Johanna followed Genevieve out of the conference room.Upon stepping
into the elevator, the former broke into a bright smile and winked at the latter. “Surprise! Are you happy
to see me here?”“You’re giving up on becoming a fashion designer?” Genevieve asked as she pressed
a button in the elevator.Johanna had wanted to hug her. Nonetheless, she noticed a surveillance
camera at a corner of the elevator and immediately put down her hands. “No. The thing is, I can’t get
into the top companies here, yet those smaller scale companies have lots of rules and restrictions, so I
can barely earn anything.”“Armand has a wide network of connections.” Genevieve pondered. “I’ll get
the secretary to check if he has any acquaintances in the fashion industry to recommend you.”Johanna
shook her head. “I still owe you twenty million. Aren’t you afraid that I’ll run away?”“I don’t think you
will.” In truth, Genevieve was impressed by Johanna’s decisiveness at the sauna the other day.
“Besides, I’m not short of cash. It doesn’t matter even if you don’t intend to pay me back. Anyway, you
don’t have that much money either.”“Boohoo! You’re the best, Genev!” Johanna was immensely
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