Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 285

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&#lt;p&#gt; Let My Ears Take A Breather
&#lt;p&#gt;Before long, Johanna continued, “Since I’m the chosen one among the candidates, it means I have the
potential to be a great secretary. I can’t give up just like that! Can you imagine how I can stay by your
side while earning money to pay you back? How amazing is that! Genev, do you know how pathetic I
am? I barely have any friends after going overseas. Everyone has different practices, so we can never
be on the same page. But after my return, I couldn’t get in touch with my old classmates anymore. For
the past month, apart from looking for a job and drawing design drafts, I have been a couch potato
watching dramas and playing games at home. My life has been really plain and boring. Genev, you
have to keep me here. I promise I’ll be able to take up the workload of three secretaries!”She was so
talkative it did not seem like there was a need for her to take a breather as words kept pouring out of
her mouth. Watching her chatty self-reminded Genevieve of Patrick.If the two of them get together
beside me, I’m sure it’ll be torture for my eardrums.“Genev…”While Johanna was about to continue
blabbering, Genevieve hurriedly stopped her. “I’ve hired you, and I won’t chase you away. But for now,
let my ears take a breather first.”“Oh.” Johanna lifted her fingers to touch her lips and immediately
stopped chatting.As Central Group was a big corporation with many departments, it would take at least
four to five hours for Johanna to finish touring every level. As such, Genevieve only took her to places
that she might commonly visit in the future, including the recreational areas and the cafeteria.It was
about lunchtime when they arrived at the cafeteria. And so, Genevieve took Johanna to grab some
lunch.“Ms. Rachford,” some employees politely greeted Genevieve upon seeing her.Unavoidably, they
also snuck a look at the lady standing beside her, and that was, of course, Johanna. She was in a black
business suit that perfectly accentuated her figure.Her facial features were soft and delicate, making
her look just like a character from fantasy dramas.While the crowd was curious about Johanna’s
identity, the latter walked up to them and smilingly greeted, “Hi! I’m Ms. Rachford’s personal assistant,
Johanna Joule.”“Wow, Johanna. Your complexion is so fair and silky smooth. You must have a great
skincare routine!”“Johanna, your outfit is from Gucci, right? Their spring collection is going for simplistic
looks. But isn’t this a little too plain? You…”Meanwhile, Genevieve had been overly engrossed with the&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;work messages in the group chat and did not notice that Johanna had walked away.When it was her
turn to order, she put away her phone and turned around to ask Johanna what she wanted to eat, only
to find that no one was behind her.Good Lord.Upon another look, she found Johanna at a table next to
the window. Around her were several female colleagues, and they were chatting about fashion-related
topics. Even the staff sitting at the table behind them turned their heads and listened to their
conversation.And she claims she has social anxiety disorder? She’s totally a social butterfly!Later,
when Johanna collected her lunch and walked over to where Genevieve was sitting, she proudly swung
her phone in front of the latter and claimed, “I’ve joined every gossip chat of Central Group. From now
on, I’ll be able to share with you every secret and rumor in the company.”“Good job.” Genevieve did not
know what else to say and merely gave her a thumbs up.Shortly after lunch, Johanna went to the
secretarial department to get familiarized with the work. On the other hand, Genevieve returned to the
CEO’s office intending to get some rest. Unfortunately, she could not fall asleep.Thinking about it, I’ve
been too busy recently that I haven’t visited the hospital for two weeks…After dozing off for a short
while, Genevieve woke up and grabbed a cup of coffee before continuing with work.Just then, Timothy
called and told her he was on the way to Marilyn’s house.At once, she contacted Cooper and asked
him to arrange for a few men to head over to meet up with Timothy.At the same time, she took her car
keys and left the office after wrapping up the work on hand.Meanwhile, at the secretarial department,
Johanna and Cassie were seated at the latter’s desk chatting. At the sight of Genevieve walking
passed, she immediately stood up.“Where are you going, Ms. Rachford?”Genevieve bobbed her head
slightly and said to Cassie, “I won’t be coming back this afternoon. Call me if there are any urgent
matters.”“Got it,” Cassie responded.
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