Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 286

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&#lt;p&#gt; Long Time No See
&#lt;p&#gt;When Genevieve turned around to leave, Johanna followed her. “Just stay at the secretarial
department. You don’t have to follow me.”“No,” replied Johanna matter-of-factly. “You wanted a
personal assistant who’s supposed to stay by your side constantly and help you with work.”Before
Genevieve could say anything, she strode to the elevator briskly, opened the doors, and blocked them
so Genevieve could enter first.Genevieve’s head started to ache. However, since Johanna insisted on
following her, she passed the car keys to her.When Johanna saw the limited-edition Pagani at the
underground garage, she got excited. “It’s so nice being a driver! I can even drive a luxurious car!
Wow!”Unable to control herself, Genevieve burst out laughing.Marilyn stayed in a luxurious mansion
district in the city center. Since the residents were either celebrities or government officials, security
was very strict. However, Genevieve’s subordinates had already swapped the security team
beforehand.When her car arrived, she was allowed into the mansion district smoothly.The car stopped
in front of a mansion. Genevieve got out of the car, and she wanted Johanna to wait for her in the
car.However, after thinking about it for a while, she let Johanna follow her.Timothy opened the door,
looking quite relaxed in his doctor’s gown. As he was quite tall, he immediately spotted the young
woman behind Genevieve when he lowered his head.Timothy placed an arm against the door and
raised his brows. “Are you giving a pretty woman to me? I am going to feel bad about it!”“Dream on!”
Genevieve rolled her eyes. Slapping his arm away with her bag, she entered the house. “This is my
assistant, Johanna.”After Genevieve entered the house, Johanna walked forward and had a closer
glimpse of Timothy.His facial features were very well-defined, making him look like a character out of a
comic book. There was an amused look in his eyes as a nonchalant smile played on his lips.“Huh?”
Johanna stared at him for a few seconds and mumbled, “You look so familiar. I think I’ve seen you
before.”“Really?” Timothy raised his eyebrows.He knew very well what he looked like.As he was too
handsome, female patients would surge to his office every time it was his consultation hours. He had
heard all sorts of things from them.Bending down slightly, he stared at Johanna in amusement. Just
when he was about to say, “Is it in your dream…”“Oh, I remember you!”Pointing at his face, Johanna&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;exclaimed excitedly, “Have you watched this drama called ‘Assassin’? You’re just like that main male
character, but the actor is more charismatic than you. You look like you’re a… Mmm!”“Okay, shut up.”
Timothy dragged her over and clapped a hand over her mouth.After locking the door, he led her
upstairs.Genevieve had already gone to the second floor. Two burly men stood in front of a door on the
right.When they saw Genevieve walking over, they nodded at her slightly and opened the door.She
stepped into the room. The curtains were pulled over the windows and the light in the room was on.
Marilyn was sitting on a chair.Hearing the footsteps, she raised her head.“Genevieve!” When Marilyn
saw Genevieve entering, her expression turned even uglier.If Timothy had not numbed her hands and
legs, causing her to be paralyzed on the chair, she would have slapped Genevieve harshly.Smiling,
Genevieve walked over briskly. “Long time no see, my sister-in-law.”When Marilyn thought about
Armand’s background, she felt disgusted. “Armand is no longer part of the Faulkner family, nor am I
your sister-in-law!”“Although Mando’s not part of the Faulkner family, he dated you for thirteen years,
right?” Genevieve pulled a chair over and sat down leisurely. “You’re so heartless, Ms. Wood. Ever
since Mando got into an accident, you didn’t visit him in the hospital even once.”
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