Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 287

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&#lt;p&#gt; Only One Of Us Can Live
&#lt;p&#gt;Marilyn scoffed as she stared at Genevieve’s face. “He’s the one who bumped into you in the hospital
and you’re the one he likes. If you know that very well, why bother coming here to disgust me? Why
should I visit a man who doesn’t like me?”“Since you already know that he doesn’t like you, why did
you give the video to Cooper unhesitatingly when he exchanged the video for the violin? Why would
you become so angry upon seeing me acting all intimate with Mando in the video, such that your baby
was affected?” interrogated Genevieve.Marilyn pursed her lips tightly. Leaning forward, Genevieve
moved closer to her.“When I went to eat with Old Mrs. Faulkner and heard your past with Armand, I
already know what you’re planning. You’ve never liked him, Marilyn. You’re only together with him
because he can give you everything that you want. Furthermore, since you know that he’ll be the heir
of the Faulkner family, you can rise to the peak in the future and become the ‘Mrs. Faulkner’ whom
everyone envies. To your surprise, something happened along your plan…”Scoffing, Genevieve
continued, “I bet that if Armand is really from the Faulkner family, you would’ve stayed beside his
hospital bed every day. However, after you realized that he’s just an escort’s child, you immediately cut
off all ties with him.”Seeing that her intentions had been exposed, Marilyn was furious. However, she
smirked coldly. “Yeah, I look down on him. I’m a daughter from the Wood family, but he’s now a
laughing stock in Xedells. I don’t want to be burdened by him. I’m selfish, but you aren’t a good person
either, Genevieve. Didn’t you marry Armand because he’s powerful? If you didn’t marry him, could you
have become the glorious CEO of Central Group?”Marilyn stared at her coldly. “Genevieve, you still
have to thank me. Had it not been for me, would you have the chance to marry Armand?”Chuckling,
Genevieve replied, “Yeah, I should thank you.”If Marilyn had not become pregnant and if she did not
have the same blood type as Marilyn, she would never cross paths with Armand.Marilyn snorted. When
she saw Timothy bringing a woman in, she yelled furiously, “Timothy, how dare you anesthetize me by
claiming to treat me? How dare you let Genevieve bully me like this? Are you crazy?”“Since when did I
anesthetize you?” Looking innocent, Timothy flicked Johanna’s face. “Did I do it?”Johanna touched her
face and said cluelessly, “No. We just came up!”When Marilyn saw them acting all dumb, she was&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;furious.She shot a vicious glare at Genevieve. “Genevieve, I’d advise you against doing anything rash!
I’m married to the Faulkner family. If you dare to touch me, my brother and the Faulkner family will not
let you off the hook!”“It’s no fun touching you.” Genevieve patted her cheek gently and smiled. “I’d
rather watch you sob in misery. “What?Marilyn felt a chill run down her spine when she saw
Genevieve’s smile. For some reason, those words seemed to be packed with meaning.At that moment,
Genevieve’s phone rang. She whipped out her phone and showed it to Marilyn.There was a video
playing on the phone. Martha was tied to the chair while two women in maid uniforms stood beside
her.When Martha saw Marilyn through the video call, she yelled anxiously, “Marilyn!”“Mom!” Marilyn
panicked upon seeing that her mother had been kidnapped. Glaring at Genevieve, she demanded,
“Genevieve, you planted some spies in my family? My family is one of the four largest families in
Xedells! How dare you touch my mom? Free my mom right now! Otherwise, neither the Wood family
nor I will spare you!”“You’ve already fallen into my hands, lying in my complete mercy. How can you do
anything to me?” asked Genevieve.She grabbed Marilyn’s hair and shoved the phone in front of her
face before whispering, “I’ll do what you did when you forced Patrick to his death.”She soon released
Genevieve and smiled at Martha in the video. “Mrs. Wood, only you and your daughter… Wait, your
grandchild too! Only two out of the three of you can survive today. Do you choose to let yourself or your
daughter live?”
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