Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 302

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&#lt;p&#gt; I Am Not His Wife
&#lt;p&#gt;“When Dr. Jensen went to the ward next door to deliver dinner last night, I followed him to have a
look.”Johanna leaned against the table and fiddled with the pen holder as she said to Genevieve,
“Wow! Your husband looks more handsome in person than in the pictures. He just has a bad temper. I
heard from Timothy that he lost his vision…”“Last night?” Genevieve frowned. “He hasn’t left the
hospital?”“Yes. He has been in the hospital the whole time.” Johanna shrugged before asking,
“Besides, with his condition, other than lying in the hospital, where else can he go?”Genevieve rubbed
her forehead and took her phone to make a call. “Leave the room for now.”“Okay.” Johanna left
obediently.After her call got through, Genevieve asked Timothy coldly, “Before I went on my business
trip, didn’t I ask you to settle Armand’s discharge papers and send him to Swallow Garden?”“I want to
do it for him, but I’m not his wife.” Timothy sounded innocent. “I can’t take him out of the hospital.”She
was rendered speechless.As one of the behind-the-scenes investors of General Hospital, even the
Director had to be respectful toward him, and he could arrange a VIP ward for Johanna in minutes.
Now he’s telling me that he has no right to settle Armand’s discharge papers?“It’s better if you come
and get your husband discharged from the hospital.” Timothy paused before continuing, “Loss of vision
is a scary thing, even more so when the person is alone without company. Now that he’s sensitive and
fragile, you should take more care of him-”Genevieve hung up the phone rudely before he could finish
speaking.She wanted to call Steven and get him to contact the housekeeper at Swallow Garden to pick
Armand up from the hospital.However, when she made the call, she suddenly thought about Armand
lying on the bed looking despondent when she left the ward that day.That man is truly
annoying!Genevieve ended the call, grabbed her coat and car keys, and left her office.Upon reaching
the hospital, it only took her three minutes to settle Armand’s discharge papers.She then went to the
ward to look for him and found him lying on the bed, holding his phone. He had to use the voice
assistant when he wanted to open an app, and the voice assistant even misunderstood him at
times.The man frowned slightly, obviously getting a little irritable.Genevieve stood at the door and
observed him for a while before knocking on the door and walking in. “I came to get you out of the&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;hospital, Mando.”Armand nodded in her direction. “Okay.”“Do you want to live in Swallow Garden or at
my place?” Genevieve unwittingly asked. She then became annoyed and added, “However, I don’t
have time to take care of you if you stay at my place.”The corner of his lips curled up into a faint smile.
“I’ll stay with you. I’m blind now. It’ll cause you much inconvenience if the public knows that I’m awake.
For that, I still have to pretend to be in a coma. You took me home because the doctor said I’m fine.”“All
right.” Genevieve did as he said and went to look for Timothy to request an ambulance.After wheeling
Armand into the ambulance, Timothy said to the nurse beside him, “Look how much Ms. Rachford
loves her husband. She’s afraid that he’ll suffer in the hospital, so she’s bringing him home now to take
care of him.”The nurse nodded. “Indeed.”The corners of Genevieve’s mouth could not stop twitching,
and she had the urge to seal Timothy’s mouth with tape.It did not take long for the ambulance and
Genevieve’s car to arrive at Regality Gardens.The housekeeper came to open the door and helped the
nurses transfer the man on the gurney to the bed.After seeing the nurses away, the housekeeper
noticed Genevieve pushing a wheelchair into the room. “Did you prepare a wheelchair beforehand,
Mrs. Faulkner?”“He woke up long ago, but there’s something wrong with his eyes, and he couldn’t let
the public find out,” Genevieve explained briefly.She told the housekeeper to get back to work before
pushing the wheelchair into the bedroom.After placing the wheelchair beside the bed, she wanted to
reach out to help the man, but he pushed her hand away.“It’s fine. I’ll do it myself.” Armand slowly
moved to the side of the bed. “After I woke up, I got out of bed and tried to walk a few times. My legs
aren’t completely immobile…”He cared a lot about his dignity. However, he forgot that not only could he
not move his legs, but he also could not see.He held onto the wheelchair with one hand, but when he
wanted to sit on the wheelchair, his stiff legs refused to obey him, and his heavy body rolled off the bed
and hit the floor.
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