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Chapter 304

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&#lt;p&#gt; Crawl Out Yourself
&#lt;p&#gt;Genevieve looked forward to taking a nap on her long-deserved break.Yet, the thought of Armand
falling when he attempted to get into his wheelchair replayed over and over in her mind. She tossed
and turned in bed and failed to fall into a deep sleep.Eventually, she snuck off to the gym and quietly
cracked the door open.She saw Armand holding himself upright using a set of parallel bars. His legs
were weak, and he could hardly stand. Instead, he was using his arms to hold himself up, and his
knuckles had turned white from the effort.He took several minutes to walk one step. His forehead
dripped with sweat.Genevieve watched as Armand suddenly fell down while trying to take a second
step.Instinctively, she wanted to rush into the room to support him. Still, she held herself back and
watched as he fumbled for the parallel bars and slowly got to his feet.Her heart twisted with pain while
she observed his struggles.Anyone, even a grown man, would have dissolved into a complete
breakdown if they lost the ability to walk.Yet, Armand merely gritted his teeth and returned to the grind
instead of throwing a tantrum.Genevieve could not bear to watch without helping and closed the gym
door. She quickly sent Timothy a message.Genevieve: How long should each rehabilitation session
last?Timothy replied quickly: He just woke up, so I wouldn’t advise him to train for too long. Once he
completes his session, remember to massage his legs for him so his muscles can relax.Genevieve:
Can you help me hire a nurse? I’ll pay on daily basis.Timothy: Your dear husband wouldn’t want one
even if it’s free. You know how he is. Just do it yourself.His reply frustrated Genevieve. I don’t want to
take care of him at all!She asked a housekeeper to prepare a cup of coffee for her. Then, she headed
to the study to settle some work.When the alarm on her phone rang, she headed to the gym and
knocked on the door before entering.Armand’s cotton loungewear was soaked from his efforts in
learning to walk again.Sweat streamed down his face and dripped onto his collar.Genevieve pushed
the wheelchair toward Armand and placed his hand on the handle. She coaxed, “Dr. Jensen said you
should take a rest after completing your rehabilitation exercise.”Armand mumbled an acknowledgment
and placed both hands on the wheelchair handle. He quickly lowered himself onto the seat.“Not bad.
It’s a lot smoother than this morning,” praised Genevieve.Armand was so sweaty that he soaked the&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;entire wheelchair. She hurriedly wheeled him into the bathroom.When she returned with a fresh set of
clothes, she was surprised to realize that Armand remained seated in the wheelchair. “Why aren’t you
taking a bath?”He appeared helpless as he asked, “How should I bath myself?”Genevieve realized
then that he could not bathe himself in his wheelchair-bound state.She did not feel shy about helping
him to shower. After all, they had slept together countless times, and she was no stranger to his naked
body. She calmly wheeled Armand into the shower cubicle and instructed, “Take your clothes off.”Then,
she turned on the shower and adjusted the water temperature.Armand had taken off his shirt by the
time she turned around.He had naturally lost weight during his one-month-long coma. Thankfully, he
did not look sickly at all. Genevieve could make out some muscles on his chest.Armand’s sweat-
soaked pants were plastered to his muscular thighs, making for a seductive sight.Genevieve bent over
and helped him to take off his pants. When she straightened up, her gaze landed on his bobbing
Adam’s apple.Her breath turned erratic, and she could not resist stretching her hand out to touch it.She
only snapped back to reality sometime later. When she realized what she was doing, she hastily
snatched her hand away.Armand chuckled and raised his head to stare at her. “Do you still like my
body, Darling?”Despite knowing that he could not see, Genevieve felt as though Armand saw straight
to her deepest desires.She turned on the shower and doused him in water, grumbling, “Say one more
word, and you can crawl out of the bathroom yourself!”Armand’s lips curled into a satisfied smirk.
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