Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 324

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&#lt;p&#gt; Stunned By The Scene
&#lt;p&#gt;With a darkening gaze, Armand instructed calmly, “Send men to search for their car. I’m coming over
right now.”He got up from the couch after ending the call.Even though his vision improved the night
before and everything was no longer a blur, there was still a limit to how much he could see. As he
hurriedly walked out of the hotel, he accidentally bumped into other guests a couple of times.By the
time he reached the street, he managed to hail a taxi with his limited vision.The driver felt apprehensive
when Armand told him to drive to the mine. “It’s raining heavily now. Besides, I’ve just heard on the
news that the mine has collapsed and there’s also a mudslide… Mister, you’ll have to pay more for this.
On top of that, I can only drop you by the roadside.”“The fare isn’t a problem. Just drive!” Armand urged
coldly. After that, he got his voice assistant to call Steven.However, Steven’s phone, together with
those of the other senior management, was unreachable.Growing increasingly anxious, Armand asked
the driver where they were and offered to pay more for him to drive faster.Although the driver was
tempted by the money, he ignored Armand’s instructions for fear that his car would skid in the
storm.When the taxi arrived somewhere near the mine, Armand alighted in a hurry.There, the road to
the mine had been destroyed by the earlier mudslide. As the rain continued to pour, no one could tell
when a second mudslide would occur.Meanwhile, the reporters who had arrived later were reporting
live from a safe place at the scene.Standing in the rain, Armand used his limited capabilities to survey
the surroundings but failed to tell in which direction the mudslide had swept.Coincidentally, a rescue
team arrived at the scene. Armand then followed them as they headed in the direction of the
carnage.One of them stopped him. “Mister, please wait together with the reporters. It’s too dangerous
down there.”“The car my wife is in may be down there too.” Armand shook off the rescuer’s hand.
Without wearing any gear, he descended together with the rescue team under the cover of the
storm.As the rain clouded Armand’s limited vision further, he almost fell a few times when he couldn’t
make out where he was going.At that moment, he wished for nothing more than for his vision to be the midst of making his way down, Armand heard one of the rescuers shout to his comrade,
“There are a few cars buried underneath. Bring me the rope and metal shovel!”Squinting his eyes,&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Armand could see plenty of people down there.Amidst the devastation of the mudslide were a few
buried cars. The rescue team dug out the mud that covered them and freed the victims who were
previously trapped inside.Staring at the unsettling scene, it felt as if someone was squeezing his
heart.“Genevieve! Steven!” he shouted at the top of his lungs.Staggering forward in desperation, he
almost fell while doing so.By the time he grabbed the hand of one of the rescuers, Armand’s face had
lost all color in the rain. “Help me find a Mercedes-Benz with the car plate number 32872. My wife is
inside there.”The rescuer nodded. “Don’t worry. We’ll let you know the moment we find them.”With that,
the rescuer went back to work.After wiping the raindrops off his forehead, Armand saw two rescuers
pull out a young girl in a dress and moved her to the side.When he walked over, he saw that she had
died from suffocation as her eyes had rolled upward, exposing her whites.Consequently, a sense of
dread began to swell within him.As he searched alongside the rescue team, Armand kept calling out
Genevieve’s name.Every time someone was pulled out, he would dash forward to check.“I found it!” the
rescuer from before yelled in Armand’s direction. “The car with the plate 32872!”Hurrying to where the
rescuer was, Armand gasped at the sight that greeted him.
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