Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 330

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&#lt;p&#gt; She Is Married To Armand
&#lt;p&#gt;With an organization like Charity Alliance organizing the auction, countless businessmen, celebrities,
and government agencies showed up for it.The venue for the auction was a conference hall at Lovely
Heart Hotel, and journalists were lined up on both sides of the red carpet with their cameras pointed at
the entrance.Whenever a minivan would pull up to drop off a celebrity, the journalists would quickly
raise their cameras and snap away.The celebrities all waved at the journalists as they passed by, and
some even posed for the cameras before entering the hotel.The businessmen, on the other hand,
made a beeline for the hotel after getting off their cars.Suddenly, one of the journalists saw a Maybach
with a familiar-looking registration plate pull up by the roadside.“That car belongs to Mr. Faulkner from
Central Group, right?”As far as the public was aware, Armand was still in a comatose state, so his wife
was the current CEO of Central Group.In that case, the person inside the car was most probably
Genevieve.While the journalists were preparing to aim their cameras at the Maybach, the car door was
opened all of a sudden. Moments later, a fair, slender leg with a champagne-colored stiletto heel came
into view.As the other leg was placed on the ground, the hem of her glittery evening gown came falling
down, covering both her thighs in one smooth motion.The journalists then tilted their cameras upward,
capturing the young and beautiful face of the woman perfectly.Her long, black hair was as smooth as
silk and fell casually over her shoulders.Her eyes were filled with a feminine charm, but the arch of her
brows added a hint of solemnity to her gaze.The evening gown she had on highlighted her amazing
figure and enveloped her milky white skin. On top of that, her alluring collarbones could be seen clearly
beneath the thin shoulder straps.Her fair skin was revealed vaguely through the thin veil covering the
area around her neck, leaving a lot of room for imagination. Despite having a voluptuous chest, her
waist was so slim that anyone could hug it with just one arm.Her beauty was so dazzling that it made
her glittery evening gown look dull in comparison.All of the journalists were holding their breaths in
shock and disbelief as a thought flashed through their minds. Do our eyes deceive us? Is she really not
a celebrity? She’s so pretty that she could easily destroy ninety percent of the celebrities in the
entertainment industry!It wasn’t until Genevieve made her way onto the red carpet that the journalists&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;regained their composure and began snapping away.Genevieve simply flashed them a faint smile as
she quickly went up the stairs and entered the hotel.They kept staring at her until she disappeared from
sight. Only then did they avert their gaze and continue with their work.As the journalists went through
the pictures they had just taken of Genevieve, they realized that her face looked flawless regardless of
the angle.Suddenly, one of the journalists nudged his colleague and asked, “Which agency does this
celebrity work for?”“Celebrity? Are you new to this job or what? That’s Armand Faulkner’s wife! She’s
the CEO of Central Group!” the colleague replied with a snicker.“But I feel like I’ve seen her on a poster
at the Vertsilver Film Festival…” the journalist mumbled while scratching his head.“You must’ve been
seeing things. There’s no way a woman of her status would be associated with the entertainment
industry.”Really? I’ve got a really good memory, though. There’s no way I’d mistake a face that pretty.
Still, it’s true that she wouldn’t need to worry about money if she managed to marry Armand.
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