Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 335

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&#lt;p&#gt; Men Love Practicing Double Standards
&#lt;p&#gt;The man holding the bidder card with the number twenty-two was seated in a dark corner. Since he
had other guests sitting next to him, Genevieve couldn’t see his face at all.“I think so. The price has
gone up to two hundred million now. Are you seriously still going to bid for it?” she asked.Seeing that
man compete for the crown got Timothy all fired up as well. “Of course I am! I doubt he can raise the
bid to three hundred million.”He was soon proven wrong as the price went up to three hundred million
minutes later, breaking and setting a new record for the auction that night.Even the auctioneer’s hand
was shaking as he slammed the tiny hammer. “Number twenty-two raises the bid to three hundred and
ten million! Going once, going twice, sold!”“I finally find an item that I like, and I end up losing the bid…
I can’t believe that guy would go beyond three hundred million for a f*cking crown! Has he lost his mind
or something?” Timothy grumbled while leaving with Genevieve after the auction was over.Genevieve
rolled her eyes at him in response. “Aren’t you pretty crazy yourself?”As the two of them made their
way through the corridor, Genevieve paused in her tracks when she heard someone call out, “Mr.
Faulkner!”She then looked up and saw a few directors standing next to a man dressed in a black suit.
He nodded at the group of directors in response before glancing toward Genevieve.After the two
shared a brief moment of eye contact, the man then brushed past the crowd and came over to her.As
he got closer and saw the figure-hugging dress she was wearing, the look in his eyes turned icy-cold in
an instant.“Don’t you have any other gowns? Why’d you have to wear this one?” Armand asked angrily
while wrapping his coat around her.“See what I mean? Men love practicing double standards! They’re
perfectly fine with other women wearing revealing clothing, but they lose their minds if their wife does
it!” Timothy commented casually from the side.Armand shot him a fierce glare in response, and
Timothy went silent after that.“This morning, you told me that your vision is still blurry and that you can
only see things that are up close. What are you doing at an auction? Have you already regained your
sight?” Genevieve asked with an equally icy-cold expression.&#lt;/p&#gt;

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