Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 344

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&#lt;p&#gt; The Wife Of Armand Faulkner
&#lt;p&#gt;That was the only option given by Genevieve, and Yandel knew that his company would be over
quickly if he disagreed.Still not willing to give up just yet, he countered Genevieve’s offer and said, “Is
ten percent okay?”In response, Genevieve smiled, walked past Yandel, opened the glass door, and
called Johanna into the room.“Please send Mr. and Mrs. Jones out.”“Okay.” Johanna gestured with her
hand to lead them out of the room. “Mr. Jones, this way, please. I will lead you and your wife
out.”Looking at the adamant Genevieve, Yandel gritted his teeth. No wonder she’s Armand’s wife. She
even does things like him sometimes!“Fine. Twenty percent then.” To keep his company, Yandel could
only give in.He called and asked his secretary to notify the company’s other shareholders before
drafting a contract and sending it over as soon as possible.Genevieve waved at Johanna and gestured
for her to leave. Then, she called Armand.“What is it?”“Call the directors and tell them not to terminate
their trade cooperation with Lush.”“Okay.” Armand agreed without a question.More than an hour later,
Yandel’s secretary rushed over with the contract and the company stamp.The two of them then signed
the contract in the conference room.Genevieve got up from her chair and stretched out her hand. “Mr.
Jones, thank you for coming all the way to Central Group.”“You’re more than welcome.” Mr. Sullivan
forced a smile and shook hands with her. “You’re a beautiful and capable woman. Mr. Faulkner is a
very lucky man.”Genevieve smiled faintly and said, “You’re too kind.”Afterward, Yandel brought Sophia
out of Central Group. As soon as he got in the car, he slapped his wife again.Sophia fell into her
seat.“Look at what you’ve done!” Yandel shouted, “You’ve knelt and you’ve groveled. And yet, even
after all of that, I still have to sell so many of my company shares! “Even I know not to provoke Armand.
So why would you go and provoke his wife?”Sophia covered her numb face and murmured, “It’s my
fault. Darling, please don’t be angry…”“How can I not be angry after I lost more than what I had
expected?” Yandel said coldly.He suddenly asked the driver to stop when the car got further away from
Central Group. Then, he opened the car door on Sophia’s side before shoving her out of the
vehicle.“Darling!” Mrs. Jones quickly got up and pulled on the door handle. “I was wrong. Please let me
in!”Yandel ruthlessly threw a card at her feet. “There’s one million in this card. It’s for the years you’ve&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;been with me. You’re on your own from now on!”He then threatened, “If you dare to contact the children
secretly, I will break your legs!”As the car drove forward, Sophia, who was still pulling on the door
handle, was dragged along.Because she was wearing heels, she stumbled a few steps forward with
the car before falling face-first to the ground.Pain shot through her and she didn’t even have the
strength to get back up. She could only watch as the car disappeared into the distance.When Sophia
recalled the events that went down the night before up until now and the cruel ways Armand used to
protect Genevieve, she began to shed tears of remorse.Indeed. Genevieve did give me a chance. I
was the one who didn’t appreciate it, and instead went back for revenge. Now, everything’s over…
Around seven o’clock in the evening, Genevieve returned to Regality Gardens cheerfully.As she
entered, she saw a few boxes beside the corridor.On top of the boxes was a card from the charity
auction, thanking them for contributing to charity.She had participated in auctions before.However, it
would usually take three to seven days for the items she bought to be delivered to her home. She didn’t
expect the items she bought this time to arrive so soon.Genevieve changed into her slippers and
entered the house only to see a tall figure standing at the kitchen island with a steaming pot in front of
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