Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 345

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&#lt;p&#gt; I Will Take Care Of The Rest“Mando, what are you doing?” Genevieve walked over.After
walking into the house, she saw the kitchen counter next to Armand was messy and covered with
flour.On the side, there was a box filled with strangely shaped beef pies.“I’m making beef pies.”Armand
noticed that she was looking over at the dirty counter and said awkwardly, “I bought pastry sheets, but I
thought they were pretty thick and wouldn’t taste good. So I searched online for tutorials and made the
pastry sheets myself.”When Armand leaned toward her, Genevieve noticed a lot of flour scattered over
his clothes and arms.Then, she glanced at the batch of beef pies baking in the oven and could smell a
faint aroma.She was stunned for a moment and her eyes glimmered. “I thought you said we’re ordering
pierogi for dinner tonight? I didn’t expect you to make them yourself.”Armand snorted and said, “It’s
pretty easy to make the stuffing. The ratio was given in the tutorial. But rolling the pastry sheet was a
little challenging. Oh, I also cooked simmered pork belly.”Looking at where he pointed, Genevieve saw
a plate of pork belly.The meat was sliced evenly, looking fat and juicy.Armand stabbed a piece of the
pork belly with a fork and brought it close to her mouth. “Here. Have a taste.”Genevieve thought the
food looked good appearance-wise for a man cooking for his first time. However, she wondered if it
would taste better than her cooking.Nonetheless, she didn’t want to disappoint him, so she took a
bite.The meat melted almost immediately as soon as it entered her mouth. There was also a faint
aftertaste of red wine.It was delicious.Genevieve frowned and looked at Armand suspiciously. “Are you
sure you’ve never cooked before? And you learned all this just from a video?“I used to have
housekeepers at home. So I never had to go near the kitchen.”Looking at Genevieve’s flustered
expression, Armand thought he probably made a good pork belly. So he stabbed another piece of meat
and brought it to her mouth. “The tutorials were very detailed. Even the amount of ingredients and heat
levels were written out.”As Genevieve chewed on the meat, she quickly noticed the kitchen scales,
measuring cups, and other utensils on the kitchen table.Both of them were novices in the kitchen. But it
took her a lot of time to cook salmon. On the other hand, Armand managed to whip up something
delicious just by using kitchen utensils. It was clear to her right then that not everyone was suitable to
cook.As the timer on the kitchen counter started beeping, Armand immediately turned off the oven and&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;placed a cooked beef pie on a plate.He took a piece of beef pie with a fork, blew on it, and brought it to
Genevieve’s mouth.She looked at the misshapen beef pie and had the urge to laugh. However, she
held it back.As she took a bite, she found that the pie was crispy, and its juices were
delightful.Genevieve’s eyes immediately sparkled. “It’s delicious!”Armand smiled and fed her another
piece of the beef pie.Feeding her bite by bite, Genevieve eventually finished the entire plate of beef pie.
He would also fetch her some pieces of pork belly occasionally.Armand put down the plate in his hand
and wiped the grease off the corner of her mouth with his thumb. “Darling, are you full?”“Yeah.” As
soon as Genevieve answered, she felt her body being lifted.She hurriedly wrapped her arms around
Armand’s neck. Then, she realized what he was playing at. “I just finished eating. Can’t you let me rest
for a bit?”“You can rest on the bed. I’ll take care of the rest,” Armand said with a smile.Genevieve was
rendered speechless.It was only after seven o’clock, and warm yellow lights were lit in the
bedroom.The silhouettes of the two clinging to each other on the bed could be seen as the sounds of
sheets rustling rang out.After a long lovemaking session, Genevieve was drained and exhausted.Using
what was left of her strength, she climbed onto Armand and pointed at his nose. “Mando, that’s
enough. Otherwise, I will kick you out of the room!” she warned with a cold face.
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