Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 346

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&#lt;p&#gt; Are You Surprised Armand looked at the hickey on her shoulder and smiled. “How about I
carry you to take a bath? “I’ll go myself later.” Genevieve snorted coldly after seeing that he had
stopped messing around. She picked up the folder on the bedside table and handed it to him. When
Armand saw the folder, a sense of dread washed over him and he looked at Genevieve. Genevieve
lifted his chin with her hand and smiled. “Well? Aren you going to open it?” “No.” Armand gulped.
“Open it. We’re a married couple, after all. You should take a look at the documents inside.” Then,
Genevieve glanced at him from the corner of her eyes. “Or do you want me to open it for you?” As she
spoke, she unraveled the thread wound between the clasps. Armand took the folder from her and said
in a hoarse voice, “I’ll open it.
&#lt;p&#gt;The document was like a time bomb to him. However, he could only brace himself and untied the
thread. He reached in and took out a few pieces of paper. When he saw that the words on them weren’t
what he expected to see, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief. But soon, he frowned again in confusion.
DNA test results? Armand took a minute to read the contents of the papers. Then, he looked at
Genevieve with a shocked expression. “I thought Aunt Samantha’s son died long ago. How is this—”
“The ever genius Mando still has something that he doesn’t know, huh?” Genevieve teased, “Are you
surprised to know that Cooper is your cousin?” Genevieve’s gleeful look baffled Armand, and he
pinched her face. Armand pondered and said, “If Cooper is Samantha’s son, why did he end up with
Zachary? What made her hate Zachary so much that she killed Cooper’s entire family and used
Cooper as her pawn?” Genevieve had the same questions. She stroked his chin with her fingers and
asked, “How much do you know about Samantha’s son?”
&#lt;p&#gt;“I once asked Steven to investigate Samantha. But there was only a little information about her. I know
that Samantha’s son was stillborn at eight months in her womb.” Armand brought a nightgown and put
it on Genevieve. It was cold in the room, and he didn’t want her to catch a cold. Hearing that, she
narrowed her eyes and said, “When Samantha set the Sutton residence on fire, many people died.
However, the incident wasn’t spread widely on the news.” Armand knew what she meant and voiced&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;his speculation, “Old Mrs. Faulkner was very fond of Samantha and had always wanted her to have a
good marriage.
&#lt;p&#gt;Twenty years ago, the Sutton family wasn’t prestigious in Jadeborough, and Zachary was nothing but a
poor boy in Old Mrs. Faulkner’s eyes. “Old Mrs. Faulkner probably didn’t want her daughter to suffer in
her marriage. Maybe she said something to Zachary, forcing him to break up with Samantha, or she
might have sowed discord between them.” I think it’s more likely to be the former,” Genevieve said,
“That child might have been given to Zachary by Old Mrs. Faulkner. Genevieve had a good impression
of Harriet. She knew her as a warm and kindhearted old woman, like Winifred. But now, she realized
that Harriet was a very powerful person.
&#lt;p&#gt;The old woman disliked Zachary’s lack of power and didn’t want her daughter to marry him. Hence, she
ruined their relationship and kept Samantha in the dark, causing her to hate Zachary and take revenge
on the Sutton family. How cruel… Genevieve felt a chilling sensation in her chest and said,
&#lt;p&#gt;“You know, Old Mrs. Faulkner doesn’t like me very much. She only let me stay because she thought
Marilyn was unreasonable and wanted someone to go against her. Also, I didn’t have any parents or
family background, and I’m very obedient…” “Mando, am I right?” She looked at Armand. Armand took
her hand and kissed her on the lips. “Even if Old Mrs. Faulkner doesn’t like you, I won’t let others
control my marriage. I don’t want to become like my father, who sacrificed everything for the family,
even his marriage. That’s why I left and created Central Group.” Genevieve retracted her hand and
sneered, “I thought men liked to have a harem? Don’t you want to have more wives? Maybe get
yourself one that’s cute and one that’s beautiful so you won’t get bored every day?”&#lt;/p&#gt;

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