Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 371

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&#lt;p&#gt; The Same Two Souls Genevieve walked out of the bedroom and noticed how clean the
living room was. It was as if it had been freshly cleaned and there was an emerald vase on the dining
table with a couple of ears of wheat in it. Genevieve took some soup and beef pie and began eating at
the dining table. She looked up and saw the wheat again. She took a picture of it before sending it to
&#lt;p&#gt;Genevieve: Were flowers all sold out? Why did you leave some wheat here? She put her phone down
and had only drunk a spoon of soup when she felt like throwing it all up. She ran to the sink and spat
the soup in her mouth. Genevieve rinsed her mouth with the water from the tap. She suddenly thought
about the time when she had felt this same sensation. Momentarily stunned, she changed into a slim-fit
sweater and a long skirt. Then she chose a specifically thick coat to put on before leaving with her bag.
She hailed a taxi to a private gynecology hospital.
&#lt;p&#gt;Since it was a private hospital, she knew there wouldn’t be too many people there. Soon enough,
Genevieve got her results. “Congratulations! You’re pregnant.” The female doctor handed the report to
Genevieve. “If you’re not in a rush, try to wait until you feel like going to the bathroom again and then
go do an ultrasound on the third floor.” Genevieve bought a bottle of mineral water and started drinking.
Then she went to get her ultrasound done. She was completely distracted the whole time. “Wow!
There’s two of them!” the doctor said in surprise. “You’re lucky! You have twins.” Genevieve followed
the doctor’s hand and looked at the machine. She spotted two little dark spots, and she felt a strange
emotion inside. After the check-up, the doctor reminded Genevieve to be mindful of a few things and
asked her to take a few boxes of folic acid at the counter that the hospital was giving out for free.
Genevieve thanked her and put her coat on as she walked out of the ultrasound room. She was still in
shock and disbelief that she was pregnant again. She caressed her stomach through her coat and
thought about that day when she had gone to the hospital.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;She had wanted to get her tubes tied, but she had felt a heavy sense of regret when she sat outside
the operating room. In the end, she decided to leave. She had never been a cruel person. Ever since
Armand let her take over the company after he got into the car accident, and when he went into a
frenzy trying to look for her during the collapse of the mining caves, she had noticed every single thing
he had done for her. She had heard what he said last night, but she had pretended to be asleep. Even
though she didn’t want to admit it, she still loved Armand. But she owed Patrick a life, and she had
even lost two children. There was no way she could forgive him so easily. However, she was pregnant
now. To make matters worse, she was pregnant with twins again. She didn’t know if it was the same
two souls who had returned and decided to give Armand another chance. She was so distracted that
she wasn’t watching where she was going. She had just stepped out of the office when she nearly
bumped into someone walking toward her and lost her grip on the report. “Be careful,” the other person
said as he knelt down and picked up the report for her.
&#lt;p&#gt;When he saw the name on the report, Jermaine paused and looked at the woman in front of him after
standing up. “Ms. Rachford.” Genevieve took the report from him. “Who are you?” Jermaine chuckled.
“I’m Timothy’s junior, remember? I celebrated my birthday a couple of days ago. You came with
Johanna.” “I’m so sorry. My brain hasn’t really been working the last few days.” “It’s all right,” Jermaine
said with a smile. He glanced at the report in her hand. “I accidentally caught sight of some words on
the report just now when I helped you pick it up. Congratulations.” “Thank you,” she replied as she
folded the report and put it into her bag. Then she asked Jermaine curiously, “I thought you were from
General Hospital. What are you doing here?”
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