Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 389

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&#lt;p&#gt;She Is My Wife Armand was a smart man. He immediately understood what that meant. “I’ll ask Steven
to bring you information regarding all the housekeepers who served my grandmother before.” He then
took a sip of wine and asked, “How are you going to take care of it?” “If your entire family was burned
alive when you were six, and you had the same agonizing nightmare every night, how do you think
you’d feel? She killed my entire family and played me like a fiddle. I’ll never let this grudge go. A life for
a life.”
&#lt;p&#gt;Armand’s eyebrows relaxed when he heard that. He poured Cooper a glass of wine. “You should go to
Dartan and check if Jack was born there. Find out how did he and Genevieve meet. I have a feeling
that he has a specific purpose for coming here.” “No!” Cooper said. “You’re a smart man. If you go to
Dartan by using the excuse of a business trip, no one will suspect anything,” Armand persuaded. “If I
could leave, I wouldn’t have discussed this with you.” Cooper pointed at Timothy. “What about him?”
Armand glanced at Timothy and snorted. “He’s too stupid. Aside from being a doctor, there’s nothing
much he can do.” Timothy was speechless. Armand pulled out a cigarette, lit it up, and gave it to
Cooper. “Didn’t you say you like Genevieve? Do you want to see Jack Valentine take her away?” A few
seconds later, Cooper grabbed the cigarette and took a drag of smoke. “I’ll go to Dartan, but only for
&#lt;p&#gt;I want to see who exactly this Jack is too and why he showed up by her side.” “Mm, if you need
anything, just give me a call.” Timothy laughed as he listened to their conversation. “You two are so
hilarious! What if Genevieve marries another man after you two get rid of Jack?” Both of them shot
daggers at him. “I’m sorry! I was wrong!” Timothy violently slapped his mouth and surrendered. There
was no way he could win against those two. Right then, a server knocked on the door before coming in
and approached Armand. “Ms. Rachford is in the bar, Mr. Faulkner.” Armand furrowed his eyebrows.
“Just her alone?” “No. There’s another woman with her. They’re currently at seat A88 drinking wine. I’m&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;just here to let you know about it,” the server said. Timothy speculated, “The other woman is probably
&#lt;p&#gt;She said she wanted to have fondue with Genevieve.” “Isn’t she Genevieve’s secretary?” Cooper lifted
his glasses when he heard how Timothy called her. “Are you familiar with Johanna?” “She’s my wife.
How can I not be familiar with her?” he innocently explained when he saw both men staring at him. “I
wanted to tell you two about it, but you two are now single again, and I wasn’t sure if I can bring it up
without hurting both of you.” Armand snickered as he looked at him. Timothy was familiar with the
owner of the bar. Johanna had used her husband’s connection to find the best seat in the bar. The hall
was dimly lit and electronic dance music was being played in the background. The atmosphere there
was lively, as there were a lot of people.
&#lt;p&#gt;Johanna had asked for a few special cocktails and a fruit plate and had been dancing to the music.
When she saw Genevieve asking for a glass of orange juice, she asked confoundingly, “I ordered a
cocktail for you. Why are you drinking orange juice?” “My stomach’s not feeling well right now. I can’t
drink much.” Genevieve had not been eating well, and she was worried about the babies. She didn’t
want to make things worse by drinking alcohol. Johanna didn’t try to persuade her friend and just drank
the cocktail.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Did Mr. Valentine visit you during your stay at home?” “No.” Genevieve had purposely made herself
look bad on the internet so Jack wouldn’t want to visit her. It had made her feel quite happy for a period
of time. But now, she was afraid that Jack would drag her to the City Hall once he got his residence

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