Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 395

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&#lt;p&#gt;What Is The Big Deal Armand was unaware of the incident. He was upset as he said, “Why didn’t you
tell me?” “What’s the big deal? It’s nothing more than going deaf in one ear.” Back then, deafness was
something insignificant compared to the devastation Genevieve felt from losing two children and
learning the truth. At that moment, her phone rang. Her eyelids twitched at the sight of the number.
After hesitating briefly, she had no choice but to answer it. “Hello?” Once the call ended, she said to
Steven, “Steven, you can drop me by the street.
&#lt;p&#gt;Someone is coming to pick me up.” Steven replied, “We’re about to reach Regality Gardens. I’ll send
you straight—” Before he could finish, a Rolls-Royce Ghost appeared on their right, just like a phantom.
With its backseat window wound down, Jack gestured for them to stop as his car continued to bear
down on them. Armand looked outside, then ordered Steven to stop by the road. Jack quickly got out of
the car and walked up to the Maybach. When he opened the backseat door and saw Genevieve, the
look on his face softened. “Genev, why didn’t you ask me to pick you up after your night out?” “I was
worried that you were busy,” Genevieve said. “I sprained my ankle, so Mr.
&#lt;p&#gt;Faulkner kindly offered to send me home.” “How did you sprain it? Is it serious?” “I’m all right,”
Genevieve answered as she grabbed her bag from the seat. She didn’t get Jack to carry her. Instead,
she alighted from the car by using his arm to support herself. “Be careful,” Jack reminded as he helped
Genevieve to get out of the car. He then removed his scarf and wrapped it around her neck before
gently kissing her on her hair. The intimate gesture caused Armand’s expression to turn sullen. It was
as if he could kill at any moment. Before he left, Jack smiled at Armand. “Mr. Faulkner, thank you. I owe
you a meal for this.” With that, he put his arm around Genevieve and carefully helped her into his car.
Armand lowered the car window completely, staring coldly as the Ghost drove past him before
disappearing into the night. His teeth were tightly clenched as frustration filled his entire being.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Noticing the gloomy look on Armand’s face in the rearview mirror, Steven murmured, “When you were
hospitalized for the car accident, I spoke to Ms. Rachford, and she couldn’t hear me too. She told me
that she was deaf in her left ear. I assumed it to be temporary and didn’t think too much of it.” Armand
did not expect Genevieve to not be bothered by the matter when she talked about it. At that moment,
he realized that he had caused her a lot more pain than he was aware of. His heart gradually sank, and
a frosty aura emanated from his body.
&#lt;p&#gt;A few seconds later, Armand made a call and instructed with a grim expression, “Transfer Marilyn to
the public ward. Only when she loses her hearing in her left ear can she be transferred back to the
private room.” At the same time, Steven received a call on his Bluetooth earpiece. When Armand
ended his call, Steven informed him in a sullen tone, “Mr. Faulkner, I just received a call from the
Faulkner family in Xedells. They said that Mavis was involved in a serious accident on her way home.”
Once they got in the car, Jack insisted on looking at Genevieve’s swollen ankle. It was until she told
him she had treated it with a spray that he felt relieved.
&#lt;p&#gt;“I’m sorry for not spending enough time with you because of my busy schedule.” Jack brushed the hair
on Genevieve’s cheeks away. His gentle yet magnetic voice could easily intoxicate anyone. Genevieve
discreetly avoided his advances. She lowered her gaze and replied, “It’s all right. You should focus on
your work.” Thinking that she was angry, Jack grabbed and kissed her hand. “When I’m no longer as
busy, I can have lunch with you every day.” Just as he spoke, he took out a velvet box from his jacket.
&#lt;p&#gt;Even though it wasn’t big, it held a large blue jewel that was in the shape of a heart. The jewel sparkled
brightly when illuminated by the light inside the car. Genevieve recognized the jewel as one that was
sold for an earth-shattering four hundred million at a prestigious auction house.
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