Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 398

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&#lt;p&#gt; Is She Your New Girlfriend Genevieve pursed her lips, as she had forgotten that Jack was
close to the Faulkner family. After teasing Genevieve, Jack explained, “I have a good relationship with
Samantha from investing in one of the tech companies under Faulkner Group. Since her sister-in-law
has passed away, it’s natural that I pay my respects.” Genevieve continued to stare out the window in
silence. Upon arriving at the airport, both of them waited in the VIP lounge for a while before the flight
attendant ushered them aboard. Genevieve was fine when she first boarded.
&#lt;p&#gt;However, once the plane took flight, her ears started ringing and her stomach began to churn. Even the
cranberries could not hold her nausea back. She rushed to the restroom, and tears streamed down her
eyes once she was done puking. “Genev?” Jack knocked on the restroom door. “Are you all right?” “I’m
fine. My tummy is just acting up.” Genevieve washed her face, then stared at her pale face in the
mirror. She rubbed her tummy and let out a sigh. It’s so tough now. How am I going to cope later on?
Genevieve put on some nude color lipstick before leaving the restroom. After getting some warm water
and medication from the flight attendant, Jack asked her if she was airsick. Genevieve shook her head
in response. Having finished half a glass of water, she lay in her seat and slept.
&#lt;p&#gt;By the time she woke up, she realized she wasn’t on the plane but in a car. She figured that they had
arrived in Xedells given the heavy traffic they were in. Also, she was covered in a blanket and lying in
Jack’s embrace. Genevieve got up from his arms and put some distance between them. “Why didn’t
you wake me when we disembarked?” “I couldn’t bring myself to do so after seeing how soundly you
were sleeping. So I decided to carry you down.” Jack straightened her messy hair with his fingers and
flashed a vibrant smile. “What would you like to have for lunch? Local food?” “Anything will do.”
Genevieve pulled his hand away before tidying up her own hair. As the driver Jack hired was a local, he
was very familiar with the area. Soon, both of them arrived at a restaurant with a history of more than a
hundred years. As it was lunchtime, the restaurant was packed. Genevieve casually swept her gaze
toward a window seat and noticed that Armand was there too. Sitting opposite him was a fragile-&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;looking yet gorgeous young lady with shoulder-length hair. When she was holding up her cup to sip her
coffee, she looked as if she would break more easily than the cup.
&#lt;p&#gt;“There are no empty seats. Let’s just go.” Genevieve gave Jack a tug before heading back out. Just
when Jack was about to leave, he, too, caught a glimpse of Armand. He approached the latter with
Genevieve in tow. “Mr. Faulkner, what a surprise to see you here.” Armand turned around and his gaze
darkened when he saw that Jack’s and Genevieve’s fingers were interlocked. “Since I owe you a treat,
why don’t I make it up to you today?” Jack said with a smile. “Mr. Faulkner, is that all right with you?”
Armand took a sip of coffee and plainly replied, “Suit yourself.” Since the window seat was a couch,
Jack took Genevieve’s jacket and held it before settling down beside Armand. “And who is this beautiful
lady?” Jack turned his attention to the fragile-looking lady. “Mr. Faulkner, is she your new girlfriend?”
“I’m his cousin,” the lady replied in a slow and gentle manner. “Jane Faulkner.”
&#lt;p&#gt;Genevieve glanced at the woman. She knew that Jane was weak due to a serious heart condition, but
she didn’t expect her to look so feeble that it was as if she could collapse at any time. Holding up the
coffee pot, Jane offered Genevieve, “Ms. Rachford, coffee?” “Thank you.” Genevieve pushed her cup
across. Jack commented with a grin, “And here I was thinking that you have found a new girlfriend. I
didn’t expect her to be your cousin. Didn’t the news say that you’re not related to the Faulkner family by
blood?” “Are you here to buy me lunch or to cause trouble?” Armand retorted.
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