Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 411

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&#lt;p&#gt; The Reason Genevieve Went There He left no room for negotiation. Genevieve’s voice
trembled as she said, “I shall call my friend for help…” The men were holding her hostage. They were
sure she wouldn’t play any tricks and so they allowed her to make the call with the condition that she
had to put the call on speakerphone. Genevieve called Steven, but he didn’t pick up. She then called
Bertilla. Fortunately, Bertilla answered her call. Hastily, she pleaded, “Bertilla, I need fifty million now.
Can you lend me the money?” On the other end of the line, Bertilla answered reluctantly, “I run a pretty
small company, and I have a few debts that I haven’t collected yet this month. Where do I get fifty
million to lend you?” “Please figure a way out.
&#lt;p&#gt;Please!” Genevieve pleaded. The man on her left warned her to tell her friend to transfer the money to
an account in three minutes, or they would sell her off. Genevieve had to call Bertilla again to urge him.
After finishing her business at home, Jane told her driver to bring her to the restaurant. On the second
floor, she saw Armand sitting by the window. A delicious spread was served before him, but he didn’t
touch any of it. “Mando,” Jane greeted him and coughed softly. She shrugged out of her jacket and
placed it on the couch before sitting down. Snapping out of his reverie, Armand took his coffee and
sipped on it.
&#lt;p&#gt;“The Wood family rose from the ashes, so Uncle Peter needs their help to gain a firm foothold in
Faulkner Group. Thus, he still needs Xavier to be his son-in-law.” Jane’s eyes dimmed after she heard
his words. Her father had summoned her home earlier to talk to her about that. “My dad said there’s no
need for me to get engaged to him, for we’ll be getting married right away.” Jane pursed her pale lips
and added softly, “We’ll be getting married on New Year’s Day at St. Weiss Church.” She struggled
hard for so long and wished that she could live happily before dying. Alas, she couldn’t even decide her
own future. Armand glanced at her and put his coffee back on the table. His voice was cool as he said,
“I don’t know who is helping the Wood family, so I dare not take action against them recklessly.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;I’ll ask someone to help you in secret by claiming that it isn’t proper to get married on New Year’s Day.
That way, your wedding will be postponed.” Jane’s eyes lit up at once. She then thanked him sincerely.
“Thanks, Mando!” The Faulkner family was huge. Cesar alone had many children. Jane was Armand’s
cousin, and they weren’t really close to each other. Previously, her father had even tried to take Central
Group for himself. Jane knew Armand had only agreed to help her because he had asked her to give
Genevieve a Christmas present in his stead. He was merely returning the favor now. Armand hummed
in acknowledgment and picked up his fork. After taking a few bites, he asked nonchalantly, “Did you go
to Marie Hospital this morning?” Jane bobbed her head. “I felt unwell this morning and asked my driver
to bring me there.” “Did you run into Genevieve there?” “Yes, I did.” Jane admitted to it. “Mando, how
do you know that?” Armand’s gaze turned wintry. A while later, he answered, “I broke Jack’s ribs last
night, and Steven sent him to Marie Hospital.
&#lt;p&#gt;This morning, Steven happened to see you two there.” Jack had drugged Genevieve, but she didn’t
even blame him after waking up. Instead, she had gone straight to the hospital to visit him. It felt as if
Armand had ruined their good moment the night before. How ridiculous I am. Despite her curiosity,
Jane didn’t dare ask questions, as she felt that Armand wasn’t about to elaborate on the matter. The
temperature dropped drastically as silence ensued. Mando’s angry. It’s pretty obvious why he got
upset. Jane parted her lips, intending to tell him that Genevieve had not gone to the hospital because
of Jack. However, she couldn’t tell him that Genevieve went to the hospital to check on her babies. If he
were to find out the truth, Jack would most probably lose his life instead of suffering from a few broken
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