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Chapter 415

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&#lt;p&#gt; If You Love Me Genevieve couldn't tamp down her disgust anymore. She proceeded to
puke out everything she ateearlier.
&#lt;p&#gt;Some of her vomit splattered on Jack's pants. Her stomach was emptyby the time she was done. Jack
hurriedly poured her a glass of water so she could gargle her mouth. “I forgot you're pregnant and can't
listen to gory stuff. I'll keep that in mind next time.” He then went out and summoned the cleaner to
clear the mess up. After the cleaner left, Jack's men showed up with another bowl of chicken oatmeal.
Jack wanted to feed her, but she refused to part her lips. “The doctor drew your blood last night for a
blood test. Your blood sugar is low, and it might affect the children's growth. Do you want to lose
them?” After a few seconds of stalemate, Genevieve took the bowl from him and said hoarsely, “I'll eat
it myself.” Tamping down her discomfort, she ate the oatmeal slowly. Jack suffered from broken ribs,
and his chest was bandaged. His entire body was aching by now. Thus, he leaned back in his chair to
rest. Resting his chin on his palm, he said, “There is one more person left. After dealing with that
person, I'll leave everything to my subordinates so we can go back to Dartan. How does that sound?”
Genevieve focused on her food and didn't respond to him. In the Faulkner residence, no one knew that
Cesar's second wife, Isabella, would die days after Mavis was buried. Armand was so busy dealing
with those matters that he didn't even have time to go to the hospital. Isabella's death took him by
surprise. During Mavis' funeral, he had talked to Isabella briefly and asked to meet her at Christmas so
they could talk about his biological mother. Isabella had agreed to his request readily. He had just sent
Genevieve to the hospital when he received news that Isabella had slit her wrist at her house. Steven
came into the study only to see Armand wearing a grim expression. He felt his scalp tingle at the
terrifying sight. Offering Armand a file, he said, “I sent someone to search Mdm. Rudler's room. We
pried open the floor underneath her bed and found these.” Armand opened the file. There were a few
worn-out papers and photos inside. Isabella seemed to be in her twenties in the photos. Someone had
taken photos of her leaving the hospital with a baby. The worn-out papers were the birth record of the
baby girl. There was something else in the file, so he poured it out and discovered that it was a small
flash drive. Armand's gaze darkened. He got his laptop and stuck the flash drive into his laptop. There&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;was only one audio recording inside, and he clicked into it. Soon, Isabella's voice rang out. She
seemed to be arguing with a man. “Cesar, did you tell the driver to drive slowly and cause Ellen to die
in the car?” she screamed. “She has pneumonia, so it is torturing for her to remain alive.” “It's just
pneumonia, not an incurable disease! Cesar, how could you do this to her?” Isabella's voice was
trembling. “She's your daughter!” Cesar said indifferently, “I have more than enough daughters. I don't
need you to get another one elsewhere.” Isabella howled at him furiously, “You brought Armand back
so I can bring him up! Why did you dote on Armand but refuse to let a one-year-old girl live? I can't give
birth to children. Is it wrong to wish to have more children?” “If you want a child, my brothers have
plenty of them. I can ask them to give you one,” came Cesar's icy answer. Isabella gave him a slap out
of fury. “You brought Armand back, but you love him more than Sam and the rest. Is he your son with
another woman?” she demanded. Cesar fell silent for some time before responding, “You have
Armand, and that's enough. When I die, the Faulkner family belongs to you and Armand.” “You refuse
to spill anything, huh? So that means you're admitting it.” Isabella let out a bitter laugh. “My aunt
introduced me to a few men, but I told her I wanted to marry you. I knew you were married to Mavis,
but I thought I was fine with it as long as you could love me.” She added bitterly, “How could you make
me bring up your son who was given birth by another woman? You also killed the child I brought back
home. You never loved Mavis, me, and the others, right? Cesar Faulkner, you're a monster! Just you
wait. Retribution will be brought upon you and your son!” Her voice was laced with hatred.
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