Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 418

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&#lt;p&#gt; Not Everything Is Repairable Genevieve tightened her grip on the doorknoband asked,
“Mr. Faulkner, is something the matter?” “I'm here to deliver something,” Armand answered in a raspy
voice and opened the violin case he was holding. It contained a reddish-brown violin.
&#lt;p&#gt;The violin looked new at first glance, but one could see crack lines on a closer inspection.The crack
lines had been skillfully drawn over with beautiful patterns. This violin was a gift from Genevieve's
father on her birthday. However, she later smashed it. Armand took out the violin from the case,
presented it to Genevieve, and said in a low voice, “I found the best luthier and had this violin repaired.
I know I have wronged you in the past, but I hope you can give me a chance to make it up to you.”
Then, Armand gulped and looked at Genevieve. “I'm not sure how to express my feeling, but I hope
you can remain by my side.” He continued to hold the violin and kneeled on one knee. “Darling, can we
reconcile? I will give you anything you want.” Genevieve and Armand had been together for a long time
and had been through a lot together. She had witnessed his uncaring side and his wretched state.
Furthermore, he always seemed dignified, as if he never had to concede or bow down. Yet, he humbled
himself and kneeled before her. Genevieve felt an ache in her heart. Tears began to gather in her eyes
as she felt an irresistible urge to pull him to stand. Thus, she closed her eyes and suppressed her
complicated emotions. “Although you have repaired the violin, it can't produce beautiful music,”
Genevieve said. “Not everything is repairable.” Then, she stepped back and closed the door slowly.
She watched Armand through the door gap. His usually indifferent gaze had turned dull with despair.
Genevieve quickly closed the door and could not stop trembling. Melissa saw Genevieve come in and
noticed her sullen mood. Thus, she slipped into the laundry room. The following day, Genevieve got
ready and messaged Jack, asking if he was busy before inviting him to lunch. That afternoon, Jack
came to Regality Gardens and asked, “Genev, you never allowed me to come here before.” “Am I not
allowed to invite you here now?” Genevieve's expression turned sullen. She pushed him out of the
house and threatened to close the door. “You can leave if you don't wish to stay here.” “I'm sorry. I
shouldn't have said that.” Jack smiled and ushered her into the house before closing the door.
Genevieve went to the pantry and prepared coffee. She put in a high dose of sleeping drug before&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;serving the coffee. Then, she chatted with Jack and watched him finish the coffee gradually. A few
minutes after finishing the coffee, Jack said he was tired and fell asleep on the couch. Genevieve
waited for a while before approaching Jack and patting his face. “Jack, would you like to nap in the
guest room?” Seeing Jack soundly asleep, Genevieve immediately went to her bedroom and took the
bag containing her identification documents. Then, she went to the laundry room and said, “Melissa, he
had consumed a sleeping drug and is now asleep. Can you watch him for me? You can return to
Swallow Garden in an hour.” Melissa was shocked to hear what Genevieve had done, but she nodded
obediently. After Genevieve left, Melissa planned to load dirty laundry into the washing machine before
returning to the living room. Suddenly, a folded paper fell out as she removed clothes from the laundry
basket. The paper unfolded by itself as it fell. Melissa saw the words “pregnancy test” on it as she
picked it up. She took it and saw that it was a pregnancy test report. It stated Genevieve's name and
gestational age. Melissa looked at the gestational age and remembered something. Wasn't Ms.
Rachford still married to Mr. Faulkner when she was two months pregnant? No wonder Ms. Rachford
asked me for cranberries. It turns out she is pregnant. Then, Melissa recalled what Genevieve had
done and felt something was wrong. She believed she had to inform Armand about Genevieve's
pregnancy. Thus, Melissa put the folded paper in her pocket and rushed out of the laundry room.
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